Sunday, January 10, 2021

What We Sow, We Reap - Small Stone - 10

As a baby, a toddler, and a little boy, our oldest grandson spent a lot of time with us.
We shared our love of the outdoors with him and our respect for nature. 

Now, he's a big boy, a young man - he'll turn 18 next month.
He still likes spending time outdoors, learning from Nature.
He enjoys backpacking, rock climbing, biking, and skiing.
When I see photos of him balancing hundreds of feet up on a rock face, I get nervous.
I think he likes to scare his Grammy a little bit when he texts me photos of his adventures.
I warn him, "Be careful!" 

He's an excellent photographer.
I first handed him my camera when he was 5.
Now he has his own DSLR cameras and lenses.
His photos of wildlife and landscapes are amazing.

Excuse an old Grammy for bragging.
Sometimes, what we sow, we reap.

I'm proud of you Ben!

The photo was taken by one of his friends. I watermarked it because I prefer it not be reused.
Aren't the colors in the rock amazing?

small stone

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