Monday, July 4, 2022

Happy Summer

As usual we skipped spring.
We went directly from winter to summer.

Snow is finally melted except on the high peaks.

Indian Paintbrush

We're blessed by rain - the landscape bursts with color.

Corn Husk Lilies (no flowers yet)

Marsh Marigold 

Wildflowers are blooming.

Mornings we have breakfast on the deck.
Afterward, I work in the gardens or hike.

Imperial Peak in distance

Now that I'm 78, my "hikes" are shorter.
Instead of 10 miles, I'm happy with 5 or less.
I think I should call them "wanderings".

Pearly Everlasting

I stop often to admire the scenery.

cub stealing our trash - photo taken by a neighbor

 I let my feet wander, but my mind stays focused.
Moose have just given birth.
Bears are on the prowl.

When I walk through the logging cut, I see mountains near and far.

However, in dense forests, animals can appear around every curve.
I'm alert for wildlife.

the loggers spared my Octopus Tree

I'm happy for this season of rebirth and regrowth.
The trails through wilderness beckon.
Summer is my one good thing.

rainbow with Tenmile Range in background after a night of rain

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