Monday, September 25, 2017

Finding Good in Sad Times

Angelica, my garden angel, 
lends grace and beauty to my garden.

Do you see her presiding serenely from the rear?

She has blessed the blooms for 15 years.

Whatever the weather brings, she stands, calm and peaceful.

Even when younger, she had a weathered appearance.
However, you could read her signs and admire the little gardening tools.

Now she's falling apart.
Her wings are cracked and peeling.
The tools and ornaments have disappeared.
Her heart is rusted.
She's rickety.

Angelica has weathered so many storms.
She speaks to me of perseverance and hope.
But, she will not make it through another summer.
Sadly, Angelica has seen her last garden season.
I'll miss her - she's been a quiet presence and a good listener.

Thinking of all the years Angelica has been faithful is my one good thing today.
Even in sadness there are good things to remember.

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Friday, September 22, 2017

A New Start

One Good Thing has been dormant for nearly 3 years.
The first day of fall 2017, I wake in darkness and decide to start posting again.

By sunrise, I'm walking the rec path beside the shores of Lake Dillon.

The air is chilly but a silvery light warms my face.

Aspens dressed in fall finery greet me. 

I walk through a tunnel of gold, a smile on my face.

Fall is a celebration of form and color and texture in the High Country of Colorado.

The lake glistens and reflects beauty back to me.

"Hello Sun," I whisper.

I walk in silence and awe surrounded by the vibrant colors of fall.

My purpose remains the same - find good things to celebrate each day.
Thank you for visiting and reading.
You are also a good thing to me.


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