Saturday, May 15, 2021

Celebrate Life

It's been a month since I posted.

Sometimes, a break from the computer is necessary.
I welcome quiet into my mind and heart.
I change my focus.

There is still snow around my mountain home.
However, as temperatures rise, I begin dreaming of blooms.

Just down the street, daffodils raise their bright faces.

We took a  day trip across Vail Pass into Pitkin County.
In two hours, we said hello to spring.

At home, flakes continue falling.
I can't hike in the forest until more snow melts.

But, each morning, as usual, I rise to greet the dawn.
Finally, for a few weeks, there are less tourists visiting.
So, I walk 5 miles through quiet neighborhoods.
I appreciate the stillness.

"Hi Barb!"

I say hello to fox and moose.
I'm watchful for bears, but so far I haven't seen any.

Three of my grandchildren graduate from high school in May.
They'll fly away toward their own special interests.
I'm proud of them.

On May 9, I celebrated both Mother's Day and my 77th birthday.
I think double 7's might be lucky for me.
We make our own luck, of course.
I told Bob I'm going to continue celebrating for awhile.

I give thanks for life, for love, and for all of my blessings.

A little girl in my neighborhood paints rocks and places them for others to find.
I appreciate this message.
I hope you do, too!

Thank you for your visit.

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