Saturday, May 24, 2014

Goodbye Again

Everything changes.
Bob and I are busy preparing for a change.
We're planning to sell our Denver house.
I smile as I pack and reorganize - there are many good memories.
However, time is at a premium and most is spent getting ready.
I get tired.
There is no time for the computer.
Think of me as I'll think of you - 
until I return.

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Stairs As Metaphor

I love photographing stairs:


stairs going to street level in our small, restored Bisbee hotel
(Letson Lofts)

sometimes a little scary
(watch your step)

night stroll, Mary descending gritty stairs between buildings
(what might be waiting at the bottom?)

or up

who needs a stairmaster for exercise?

up, up, and up  

a long haul
(and tiring)

changing over time
(like life itself)

sometimes easy and satisfying

crumbling steps to house (behind poppies)

other times precarious - just hanging in there

Mary and I visited Bisbee on my recent trip to AZ.
A historical mining town built on hills
is "taking steps" to reimagine itself
becoming a mecca for artists and entrepreneurs.

The metaphor of climbing Life's stairs - going both up and down
- searching for clarity and meaning -
- trying to remain stable -
my One Good Thing today.

Is there something commonplace
that you particularly like to write about or photograph?
Why is it meaningful to you?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bonus Time

in the past week
I've moved through
varying ecosystems:

Granite Mt, McDowell Sonoran Preserve, AZ

 desert wilderness

open space, Denver, CO

 urban greenbelt

Breckenridge Ski area - May 2014
high altitude peaks

Mile High City and snow covered Continental Divide

 back to the city
with views of peaks

each place I visit - so different
yet, each in its own way
full of wonder:
a celebration

and so it is with all of us:
bound by our shared humanity
yet unique individuals
splendid and wonderous

Barb inside glass sculpture - Scottsdale, AZ

my son says that living after age 70 is "bonus time"
tomorrow, I begin Bonus Time

I hope to continue life's adventure!
(another One Good Thing)