Thursday, January 7, 2021

Before and After - Small Stone - 7

 Eleven years ago on this date, I fell on my skis 3 times in deep, heavy snow in the back bowls of Breckenridge. I was 65 and felt strong and well, but I struggled quite a bit to dig out my skis, stand, and continue down the steep slope. When I finally arrived where Bob was waiting, I laughed about my falls and my struggles. We decided to continue skiing. Those falls that day would change my life. But, I wouldn't realize it until the next day. We never really know what's right around the bend in life (and that's for the best).
To be continued tomorrow....

I took this photo of Bob just a couple weeks ago. He fell on the touring skis, and I waited in the sunshine for him to take off the skis, get up, find a level spot, and put the skis on again. While waiting, I thought of that day 11 years ago.

small stone

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