Friday, February 28, 2014

Breckenridge, Colorado - Random Facts

A bit of Breckenridge randomness:

Breckenridge gets an average of 300 days of sunshine a year.

Main Street, Breckenridge, Feb 28, 2014

Lately, snow is more the average.
We left town this morning in a snow squall to meet our sons for breakfast.

Breckenridge has a population of about 3500 permanent residents.

thankfully, this is not a permanent resident

During peak seasons, the town's population swells to 40,000.

sometimes, it's hard to find a seat 

Skiing and other snow activities draw visitors in winter.
Biking and hiking are popular summer sports.

Pop Pop with Sam

bike chains?

Obviously, some people bike year-round!

Wildflowers carpet mountain meadows through July and August.

Black Powder Pass in August

High altitude affects some people adversely.
Breckenridge is at 9600' above sea level.
Mountains rise over 14000'.

original photo of me (taking a photo) by my friend, Helen
edited in Waterlogue

Keep hydrated, avoid caffeine and alcohol, and acclimate slowly.
Bring your camera to record the awe-inspiring scenery.

Joining with my friend, Nancy, for
Random Five

Breckenridge is definitely One Good Thing to me!
(photos edited in the Waterlogue app)

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fundamentally the Same

asked about my hobbies when I was a little girl
I'd reply that I liked to read and to write
nothing has changed much
in all these years

art installation, Denver Botanic Garden

I wonder if we are mostly formed
even as children
following our life paths
to conclusion

though people think they change
possibly they remain the same
as their childhood selves

think about your own life
are you so different as an adult
than the child you once were

a fun app called Waterlogue allows me to change my photos to watercolors
however, they aren't fundamentally changed, are they?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Now Is All We have

a friend from my past is dying

sunrise reflected off high peaks, Tenmile Range

for 20 years, she's suffered a chronic and debilitating disease
remembering the last time I skied with her, I find myself smiling
coming down a steep, narrow chute, I wondered if I'd misjudged

storm clouds, Breckenridge Ski Area

but at the bottom, she was exultant
she couldn't wait to tell her daughter about her accomplishment
by the next year, she was unable to ski because of balance issues

sunset from my house, Tenmile Range

we'd like to think we have forever
but we don't

lessons I keep teaching myself:
don't wait, move through fear, celebrate victories

the ebbing of light

Live Life!

find One Good Thing -  pass it on

hoping for solace for those who suffer and grieve
(my own family emergency is resolved - thank you for your concern)