Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Walking with the Olympus

Maggie Pond frozen - ski area in background - base of Peak 9

Earlier in the week, I went into town for a haircut.
I decided to have a walkabout before the appointment.
I put the 17mm pancake on the Olympus and took it along.

Saint Mary's Catholic Church - taken from deck of Community Center

I haven't used the DSLR much this winter.
The pancake lens is so light that I barely know I'm carrying a camera.
However, when I'm exercising on the trails, it gets in the way.
The iPhone is just so easy.

Blue River stilled under ice and snow

However, I like the photos the Olympus produces.
It makes me feel like a "real" photographer.
I also like the heft of it in my hands.

walkway along the Blue River

We have so much snow on the ground.
We're in a melt/freeze cycle now and footing is treacherous.
Unfortunately, I can't use my Yaktrax in town because surfaces vary so much.
Sometimes there's ice or snow on the walkway, other times it's clear.

metal sculpture, Riverwalk

I must watch my step and walk carefully so I don't fall.
I feel like a very old woman as I creep slowly across ice and packed snow.
Well, I guess I AM an old woman!

deck seating, Community Center

Someday, it will be summer.
But, not for a long while...

Bob got good results from his first blood test since starting treatment for his cancer.
We feel relieved - thank you to all who offer us positive thoughts and prayers.
There is no control over the future.
We live fully day by day.

There is always One Good Thing.

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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Snow and More Snow

For 5 days, a heavy, wet snow fell until it measured over 5' (1.5 m).

The tractor and Bob had continual plowing chores.

Snow loaded the trees and plopped like weighted pillows when the wind blew.
The air sparkled with falling and blowing snow.

The banks off our deck towered over the rail. 
Bob could no longer shovel snow over the banks.

He had to first shovel the banks out into the yard before removing more snow.
It's difficult, tiring work.
He labors hard at 74.
(Even with a diagnosis of cancer.)
Finally, we found a young, strong worker to hire.
He'll come tomorrow and continue shoveling plus raking the roof.
I'm sure Bob will supervise!

Our tree nymph, Waldo, likes the snow and cold.
He continues to smile.
(However, he does no work...)

My One Good Thing today is a beautiful abundance of white.

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Friday, March 1, 2019

Listen to the Silence

We woke this morning to white.
Snow fell during the night and continued falling all day.
Bob left early to downhill ski with a friend.
I sat in front of the fire sipping coffee and reading a book.

Sometimes, I can find excuses not to exercise outside -
too cold, too windy, too snowy.

Luckily, I know that within 10 minutes of starting up the trail I'm happy to be in the forest.

I follow a winding path of fox tracks nearly erased by new snow.

At some places I have to bend low and do the limbo to pass under laden pines.

I greet a small family of trees huddled together in their white world.

When I come to a cross trail, I have to decide  - turn or go straight?
Since I'm alone breaking trail, I decide the shorter straight ahead route is better.

It's very quiet in the forest with snow swirling all around me.
Even my skis don't make their usual squeaking/moaning sounds.
They're muffled under snow that covers my boot.
I feel both calmness and elation as I glide homeward.
My surroundings are a gift that I never tire of receiving.

My hope is that you have a place that gives you peace and joy.
The purity of snow is my One Good Thing today.

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