Saturday, January 16, 2021

Poop Bag - Small Stone - 16

When I walk the neighborhood, I wear Yak-Trax to keep from slipping on ice. I like to walk 5 miles, but if it's windy or frigid, I do less. Lately, I've been noticing plastic bags filled with dog poop on my route. I know none of my neighbors does this. So, I wondered, is a visitor discarding the poop-filled bags? 

Yesterday morning, I happened to look out the window when a tourist was walking down the street with two large dogs off-leash. (We have a leash law in Breckenridge.)  Of course, the dogs were happily running onto every property. Finally, one squatted, and the man walked into the driveway of the house to pick up. But, here's what happened: he picked up, walked out to the road, tied the bag shut, and dropped it! I couldn't believe my eyes. Why would someone pick up and then drop the plastic bag full of poop? I made an excuse for him: surely he'll pick up the bag when he returns from the walk. But, NO! The bag remained. 

I stewed about this for a couple hours. I know, I know - it's not life or death. But, who does this to the environment and also in a residential neighborhood? Finally, I called a friend up the street who knew the rental management company for the house where the man and his group are staying. The company got back to my friend last night by e-mail. They explained to the tourists that town ordinances require dogs be leashed and waste be picked up (and taken back to wherever you're renting before discarding bag).  The people apologized, saying they love the neighborhood and would follow the dog rules. Obviously, I'm not holding my breath thinking this will happen.

Am I missing something here?  Would you pick up with a plastic bag and then discard both bag and poop in a neighborhood or on a trail? Would you allow a dog to run willy-nilly in public spaces with no way (either by voice command or leash) to control them? (Especially in places where there is a lot of roaming wildlife.)

Unfortunately, this incident has badly impacted my attempt to be non-judgemental.

Finally, here is my stone:

There are no bad dogs, only bad owners.

small stone

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