Saturday, July 13, 2019

Bloom Time

Our winter snows reward us now with abundant wildflowers.
High altitude summers are brief but spectacular.

snow above treeline continues to melt

wild roses scent the air

the blue Columbine is Colorado's state flower

finding the tiny red Columbine is a special treat

Parry's Primrose grows close to water

delicate Bog Orchids are just starting to bloom

Each walk in the woods or through a meadow is magical.

Tenmile Range and Lake Dillon

The present moment yields many treasures.

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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Finally Summer!

emerging buds on willow bushes

It snowed into June, but finally sunny summer has arrived.

Lehman Creek dances down the mountain

Creeks and rivers run high from snowmelt.

tiny Fairy Slipper (Calypso Orchids) put a smile on my face

Wildflowers grow in profusion in mountain meadows and wet areas.

Globe Flowers beside a boggy trail

We're surrounded by green in every shade imaginable.

Brook Cress

We keep busy tending our property and walking the trails.

sweet smelling purple Lupine with yellow Arnica

We savor renewal after a hard winter.


Growth in all forms is my One Good Thing today.

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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Wild (Flowers and Animals)

We're back in Breckenridge.
It takes time to adjust to the altitude.
However, most days, I get out and walk for exercise.

A cow moose traverses our property with a gangly newborn.
I don't try to photograph them because of stressing her and the baby.
I did take a photo of a yearling moose clomping down our street.
(I was in the car, going for groceries.)

We see foxes daily.
Some pass through quickly and others linger.
One tiny fox rests by our dining room window.

It looks inside to see what we're doing.

I hiked on Gold HIll this week with a friend.
Wildflowers are starting to bloom.

Meadows are spangled with yellow Arnica.

But, this morning we woke to white.
More snow is in the forecast.
Winter infringes on summer.

Wildflowers, and wild things (and, yes, even white!) make me smile today.
Always One Good Thing!

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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Goodbye to the Beach

the ever-changing seascape:

After spending over a month at the beach, we soon return to Breckenridge.

I benefited from the sights and sounds and experiences of this time away,
The vast ocean landscape is imprinted on my memory.
I wonder if I'll hear the sound of the surf in my dreams at my mountain home?

I'm grateful for this time away to rejuvenate and reflect.
I'm also grateful to return to the mountains that I love.

Peace and Love abide with you.

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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Our Days (and Nights) at the Beach

Southern California is receiving much-needed moisture this spring.
Hiking on the bluff,  blooms frame the surf.

Wherever we walk, there are flowers.
Along the river path, wildflowers blow in the breeze.

Lizards sun themselves.

Shore birds fish in the shallows.

Skies inspire awe:


begging to be photographed.

At dusk, we light the candles.

The sunflowers and I bask in the glow.

Each day so many good things!

Thank you for your birthday wishes.
I'm feeling happy and well.

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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Celebrating 75 years

I'm celebrating my 75th birthday today (May 9).
We've been at the condo we rent in Solana Beach, CA, since May 1.

It's been rainy at the beach, but there is no SNOW!
(Meanwhile, it continues to snow in Breckenridge.)

We walk most days unless it's pouring.
My new watch likes me to walk at least 5 miles.
I also "do" the steps leading to the beach.
There are 166 steps - I go up and down and call it good.
Some people go up and down many times.
(They aren't 75 years old...)

Pelicans form delicate scripts across the sky.
Shore birds walk on stilt legs into the surf.

Ice plants spill in pink profusion over the cliffs.

The sun plays hide and seek in the clouds.

Our condo sits on a bluff overlooking the ocean.
The sight and sound of surf is the ever-present backdrop to our days.

At night, the whisper of water lulls us to sleep.

Bob had an appointment with his oncologist in San Diego earlier this week.
He's feeling well, and his DR is pleased.
Blood tests every 3 months monitor his PSA.
We are always relieved by low numbers.

I give thanks as I celebrate 75 years of life.

I appreciate your visit.

All photos iPhone X edited in Snapseed.
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