Saturday, April 15, 2023

High Altitude Spring

Living above 10,000' (3,000m) of sea level means winter triumphs over spring.
Snow remains in deep drifts on our property and dominates the landscape as far as we can see.  

little pink cloud heart above Red Mountain

Several days above freezing trick us, so Bob puts the screen in our kitchen window.
I like to open it for some fresh air while I'm preparing food.

of course it started to snow again so the window remains closed

Bob leaves from our back deck for the ski area.
Peak 9 closes April 16, so that's the end of his ski season for another year.

We had family visiting over the two weeks of spring break and over Easter Weekend.
Outdoor activities were on the agenda.

oldest grandson (20) and youngest grandson (10) framed between their dad's skis

On Easter Sunday, our son spotted mountain lion tracks on the trail coming home from the ski area.

When I'm walking, I'm alert for moose, bears, and lions.
Bears are roaming though we're still getting snow. They're grumpy and hungry from their long hibernation. Cow moose give birth the end of April into May and are even more dangerous than usual protecting their young. Lions stalk for whatever food is available. They're rarely seen though they prowl quietly nearby.

I pay attention to tracks in the mud

I'm an early riser.
Some mornings, I say hello to the moon before daybreak.

I'm thankful to greet each new day.

I experience many Good Things and hope you do too.
Thank you for visiting.

My ankle continues to heal and get stronger. 
When the snow finally melts, I hope to begin hiking.

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Friday, February 17, 2023

Healing Thoughts

Good News!

My physical therapist told me last week I could begin exercising outdoors.
As soon as I returned home from his office, I got myself ready for a walk.
I left from the house and walked a half hour on the plowed dirt road nearby.

I was careful.
I was v-e-r-y slow....
I was exhilarated!

At one point, I realized my face was wet with tears.
How embarrassing - I was crying tears of joy.
I pulled myself together and kept striding.

Now, I go for a walk nearly every day.
I take a hiking pole but only use it if there is an icy patch.
I'm able to walk over an hour most days.
My ankle is stiff by evening, but I see improvement daily.
I continue meeting with my PT.

storm clouds hide Red Mountain

Winter landscapes are constantly changing.
Clouds move in and bring snow.

Each dawn bestows the gift of a new day.

This photo is for a blog friend who loves foxes.
She recently received a troubling diagnosis, so I send her healing thoughts.

My One Good Thing today is the body's ability to heal.
I wish you strength.
I wish you sunshine.
I wish you healing.


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Friday, January 20, 2023

Hello 2023

 Hello 2023!

Yes, I know I'm a little late.

The landscape is wearing winter white.

I'm in physical therapy 2X a week for my ankle.
I do special exercises at home to improve leg/ankle strength and balance. 
I'm improving day by day.

There is no quick fix.
Determination, patience, and a great physical therapist help my healing.

I'm still inside looking out.

I have forest creatures to keep me company.
Their antics make me smile.

Though we don't feed them, they're ever hopeful.
Also, they're curious and often peek in our windows.

My mother taught me that self-worth lives inside all of us.
It is not bestowed by anyone or anything outside ourselves.
What we think about ourselves matters.

We are all inherently worthy.
Today, in my first post of 2023, I celebrate the good we all have inside.

Thank you for visiting.
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Friday, December 23, 2022

Goodbye 2022

I spent November and December inside because of my torn ankle tendon. The cast was removed 2 weeks ago. I must use extreme caution bearing weight again. My left leg/ankle/foot are weak from disuse. Range of motion is a problem. So, I begin prescribed rehab exercises carefully at home. Slowly, day by day, I feel less discomfort. Early in 2023, I start rehab at my Physical Therapist's office. Tendons are slow to heal. 
It's a lesson in patience for me.

It's very,very cold in Breckenridge, CO.

Our streets and sidewalks are icy and snow-covered.
Walking outdoors is not an option for me.

Instead, I do floor exercises and ride a stationary bike.

I'm lucky to have spectacular views of the outdoors.

Nature beckons me.

Patience and gratitude are my good things today.

morning moon over Imperial Peak

I tell myself to stay present.
Thank you for visiting.
Stay well!

Goodbye 2022.

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Monday, November 14, 2022

A Setback but Still Good Things

 There are good and bad times in every life. 
Sometimes life feels easy and sometimes it seems hard.

About a week ago, I had a major setback with my ankle. I tripped in the house and felt something snap. I knew I'd reinjured the tendon. An MRI confirmed that the tendon is now torn. I'm in a soft air cast for at least a month and in a brace at night. It's a walking cast, but the DR prefers I stay off it as much as possible. I'm mostly sitting with my leg elevated.

scattering wildflower seeds 

Bob is running himself ragged taking care of me, cooking meals, and doing all the chores. 
Yesterday, he scattered wildflower seeds while I "supervised" from a chair on the deck.

Snow is starting to accumulate. I admire the falling flakes from inside the house.
Obviously, I can't venture outside in icy/snowy conditions.

I try to focus on the many good things in my life:
a husband who takes care of me
books that help pass the time
family and friends who offer love and support

A former student heard I was ailing and sent 2 dozen roses.

They were quite spectacular.
I still have a few in bud vases to enjoy.

I watch the moon set to the west.

A rising sun casts a glow over Red Mountain to the south.

Can you find 3 moose in the photo?
Only the ears and head of one of the calves are visible through the middle evergreen.
The twin calves are huge though they were only born this spring.

Wild things still wander near the house.

I'm grateful for these Good Things.

Thank You for visiting - I hope you're well.
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Sunday, October 23, 2022

Goodbye Fall, Hello Winter

It's been a long time since I posted.
People are starting to email asking if I'm OK.
The answer is yes and no.

behind my house - Red Mountain at sunset

I injured a tendon in my left ankle in the spring.
It's not completely healed so I must be careful.
I'm going to physical therapy.

In late September, I tested positive for Covid.
I was very sick and have some residual health issues.
Luckily, Bob remains well.

I feel better day by day, but my normal active life is at a slower pace.
I've gone off all social media except the blog. 
I've given some thought to making One Good Thing private.
I don't want to spend too much time on the computer.
Nature and the outdoors beckon me.
I need to be more physically active, not less.

Recently, I took a short hike with my 10 year old grandson.
I smiled as he chattered about what's going on in his life.

Four moose just ambled through my property.
The foxes came to visit this morning.

I'm sitting by the fire to write this.
It's snowing off and on.

There are many good things in my life.
I hope there are many good things in yours.

Stay well.

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Monday, July 4, 2022

Happy Summer

As usual we skipped spring.
We went directly from winter to summer.

Snow is finally melted except on the high peaks.

Indian Paintbrush

We're blessed by rain - the landscape bursts with color.

Corn Husk Lilies (no flowers yet)

Marsh Marigold 

Wildflowers are blooming.

Mornings we have breakfast on the deck.
Afterward, I work in the gardens or hike.

Imperial Peak in distance

Now that I'm 78, my "hikes" are shorter.
Instead of 10 miles, I'm happy with 5 or less.
I think I should call them "wanderings".

Pearly Everlasting

I stop often to admire the scenery.

cub stealing our trash - photo taken by a neighbor

 I let my feet wander, but my mind stays focused.
Moose have just given birth.
Bears are on the prowl.

When I walk through the logging cut, I see mountains near and far.

However, in dense forests, animals can appear around every curve.
I'm alert for wildlife.

the loggers spared my Octopus Tree

I'm happy for this season of rebirth and regrowth.
The trails through wilderness beckon.
Summer is my one good thing.

rainbow with Tenmile Range in background after a night of rain

Thank you for visiting.
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