Sunday, February 18, 2024

Winter Landscapes

We're in the midst of winter in Breckenridge, CO.

Red Mountain and blue shadows

After a slow start, we're finally getting some reliable snow storms.

Winter light is always special.

Though my world is white for many months, sky and sun and clouds add color.

As usual, I'm mesmerized by winter's beauty.

gifted tulips in winter

 Bob and I were sick with the flu in the beginning of February.
At nearly 80, I don't recover as quickly as I did 5 years ago.
Friends brought flowers and food.

moon over Imperial Peak

However, I'm happy to be out and about once again.
The fresh air and scenery do wonders for my health and well-being.

our son leaving for the ski area

Thank you for visiting.
I hope you enjoy the winter scenes.


Winter light is my one good thing today.
May love and peace abide with you.

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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Goodbye 2023!

We had a fiery end to 2023.

Piles from the forest cut were burned in December.
134 acres of piled debris in the National Forest were lit.

Fires blazed and smoldered for 8 days.
Since our property abuts the National Forest, we had a front row seat. 

Fire is both mesmerizing and terrifying.
Smoke billowed but luckily didn't find a way into the house.

Smoke continued to rise from the ashes for many days.

We hope destruction will eventually lead to rebirth.
Perhaps wildflowers and saplings will grow to cover the open spaces.

Now, views from our property are unobstructed.

Skiing through the cut, we relish vistas of meadows and mountains.

I'm sharing two videos:
fire blazing behind our house
moose traversing our property at dusk as the fires continue to burn


The many blessings of 2023 are my Good Things as the year comes to a close.
I look forward to 2024.

Wishing you all the blessings of the season.
Thank you for visiting.

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Monday, October 30, 2023

Change of Seasons (Again)

I just changed my blog header to fall, and suddenly winter arrived!

It started snowing during the night of October 28 and continued over 24 hours.

Temperatures plummeted to -2 F (-19 C).

Bob was up before dawn plowing our driveway.
He wore what we call "The Eskimo Coat" which he's had for about 40 years.
He says it's the warmest coat he owns (including his much newer ski coats).

Now the sun sparkles like diamonds on the snow, but it remains cold.

I'll sow wildflower seeds onto the snow this week. 
I'm not changing the header quite yet.

A white world is my One Good Thing today.

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Monday, October 23, 2023

Goodbye Fall

Since I last posted, we've had snow twice - it melted within a day.

Grasses in the meadow turned golden.

The forest floor glowed russet.

Foliage was beautiful.

Now most of the trees are bare.

We have daily sightings of moose.

They're temperamental during  rut. We don't antagonise them.

We welcome displays of color before the coming of white.

We've been working daily to prepare for winter. The deck furniture is stored. The tractor and snowblower are oiled and ready. Our boiler is winterized. The property is raked and cleared of summer debris. After the next snow, I'll sow seeds, hoping for summer blooms.

Goodbye fall - you've been my One Good Thing the past month!

Thank you for visiting.

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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Glorious Fall

 Whenever the seasons change, the new one is my favorite.

if your road is twisty I hope it's filled with beauty

It's hard to beat autumn at high altitude in Colorado.

We're at peak color in Summit County this weekend.

aspens go through several stages of change - all beautiful

The landscape dazzles.

Bob - early morning walk on shores of Lake Dillon

I took my Olympus out of hibernation to record the change.

dusk from my front deck

I tell myself it's good to challenge my old brain relearning dials and functions!

dawn at my house

To wander and to revel in fall colors are my Good Things today.

morning glow on a lily pad pond surrounded by fall

I hope wherever you are in the world, a beautiful landscape brings you peace.

Thank you for walking with me.

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Friday, August 25, 2023

Waning Days of Summer

We wait so long at high altitude for summer to arrive.

Fireweed in an alpine meadow

We crave the warmth of color after months of white.

Asters with a lone Arnica

But our season for growth is short.

Cow Parsnip setting seed among drying grasses

Perennials and wildflowers go to seed.

I remember my mother by planting Pansies

Potted plants and deck boxes give their final encore.

Bob and Sam (10) climb toward the sky

We hike the trails and relish the late-bloomers.

clouds part to showcase Imperial Peak - a bit of snow lasts all summer on high peaks

Fall is waiting in the wings as summer takes a final bow.

sitting among the last of the Lupine on Peak 10

Summer brought beautiful days with plentiful adventures.
I spent as much time as possible outdoors.
In past years, I often took solo hikes, but now, at 79,  I'm usually with someone on the trails.
It gives my family peace of mind to know I'm not alone.

Our high altitude summer is my One Good Thing today.

Bob and I celebrated 57 years of marriage on August 14th.
For us, that's another really Good Thing!

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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Summer Bounty

Each summer day holds a new adventure.

yellow Senecio with Peak 10 in the background

Wildflowers bloom profusely.

tiny Calypso Orchids (Fairy Slipper)


meadow of Daisies

We're outside daily either hiking or working on the property.

reservoir on Peak 9

A second family of Juncos is using the wreath.
We won't use the back door until the babies fledge.

In late afternoon, you might find us relaxing on the deck.

Days are pleasant and nights remain chilly.

 What more could we want?

I think of you and hope you're well.
Sending you smiles and hugs from Breckenridge, Colorado.

Nature's abundance is my One Good Thing today.

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