Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Hello Again

 It's been a long time since I've posted.

Winter continues its hold on us.

Snow storms pass through.

We're happy for the moisture in the snowpack.

One of our huge lodgepoles fell onto our deck last week. 
The ground thawed for a few days and high winds brought it down.
Since then, we've gotten more snow.

Winter always leads the dance with spring through May.

The fox doesn't mind the snow.

He's still wearing his winter coat.

Waldo is still smiling.
I hope you are too.

Thank You for visiting.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2022







Where the fox and rabbit tracks meet, I pause
 for peace to calm the chaos in the world.

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Winter's Blessings

We get a few inches at a time to freshen the white.
There have been no major storms this season. 
We always hope for more.
We depend on winter snowpack to lessen summer drought.

Jack (17) leaves from the back yard to go skiing.

Family visits nearly every weekend.

walking the logging road behind the house

Sam (9) and I hike in lemony light.

He's a good companion, chattering about what he sees.
I enjoy viewing the landscape from his perspective. 

Do you see Bob at tree line? He's on touring skis.

The forest cut is complete.

Red Mountain at sunset from our back deck.

I'm becoming accustomed to open spaces and new views.

a pink dawn colors fresh snow

Morning light  creates unexpected beauty.

Foxes pass through several times a day.
Notice how this small fox is looking directly into Sam's eyes.
They both keep perfectly still and calmly watch each other.
Perhaps the fox is Sam's spirit animal.

Bob works hard between storms, raking the roof and clearing snow.

breaking trail on the snowshoes

Winter's changing landscape is my one good thing today.
We're thankful for the blessing of white.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Exploring New Territory

How can it be the end of January already?
Do you think time passes more quickly as you age?
I do!

Red Mountain rises 13,227' (4,031 M) into the sky - I greet it each morning

I can see dawn from my kitchen window now.
The forest that obscured this view in the past is gone.

Bald Mountain 13,690' (4,173 M) previously hid behind the forest 

The cut is nearly complete.
Aspen, spruce, fir, and baby pine still dot the landscape.
However, the lodge pole pines - ancient trees over 125 years old - are gone.
Vast open meadows have taken the place of dense forests.
Wildfires which pose a dangerous threat have less fuel to spread.
Cutting the old pines provides the forest a chance to regenerate.

I snowshoe through the new landscape.
Silence follows my linked footsteps.
High peaks look down on me.
Young trees wave hello.

The snowshoe hare also leaves tracks.
I believe it's faster than I am on its snowshoes.

Peak 9, Breckenridge Ski Resort

This season we celebrate half a century of downhill skiing.
I still feel like a girl when I float down the slopes on my skis.
However, each season, I wonder if maybe it will be our last.
It's a dangerous sport, and we are no longer young.
But, we'll enjoy it this winter while we still can.

Moon hanging above Peak 10

The logging has exposed so many views.
It's fun to explore new territory.

I'm surrounded by Nature's beauty which is my good thing today.
I hope you're able to enjoy natural landscapes, too.

Stay well!


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Monday, December 27, 2021

Adapting to Change - End of 2021

At year's end, we finally have snow on the ground.

Pewter skies drop precious white over the landscape.

We begin enjoying winter activities.

The forest cut behind us is progressing.

New vistas have opened.

We find our way without familiar forest trails to guide us.
We explore new ways to navigate the terrain.

Thank goodness, the Octopus tree has been spared!

Life is all about navigating through change and finding new ways.

The ability to adapt to change is my one good thing today.
May the New Year bring you many blessings.


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Monday, November 29, 2021

Be Still - Seek the Light

Our oldest grandchild, Ben (18), left on November 26 for Norway. He joins an international group of youth in Rosnik, north of the Arctic Circle. They have an 8 month commitment to Youth with a Mission. Participating in planned outdoor adventures to increase their confidence and leadership skills, they will grow in self understanding and in awareness of the needs of others. Part of the program is a posting to a developing country to help with a community service project. Because of Covid, it's uncertain if this can happen. Ben is certainly hopeful.

When he was about 5, he showed interest in my cameras. Along with his siblings, we took walks in Nature. He carried my camera and snapped photos. I shared two tips with him: stay as still as possible and watch for the best light (this included knowing where he cast a shadow). As he grew, his interest in photography continued. He took classes and bought his own DSLR and lenses. He developed into a fine photographer and matured into a fine young man.

Saying goodbye to him on his last visit to us, I admit I clung to him for awhile as we hugged. I shed some tears. He stood calmly hugging me, trying to reassure me that all would be well. I know he's right. He's a young man now with his own convictions and determination. He doesn't need to hold his Grammy's hand while walking in the woods.  (Well, possibly at my age, I may someday need him to take my hand again....) We think of him many times a day. I wake in the night and add 8 hours to know what time it is for him in Norway.
Before Ben left, I asked if he'd choose a few of his photos for me to share on the blog. He was glad to do so, though he is always wary about revealing locations. He feels many wild places are overrun and spoiled by overzealous people. 

Ben is my One Good Thing today and always.
My advise to him is still the same:
be still
find the light

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Wednesday, November 10, 2021


We're having a longer transition period between fall and winter than usual.

dawn from front deck

Though we get small snow squalls, temperatures remain mild.

same dawn from back deck

I watch dawn add soft pastels to the sky.

Sometimes, a fox sees me stirring and comes to say hello.

Though I don't feed the wildlife, animals are accustomed to me.

I speak softly to wild visitors.

our house is just to the left of Bob in the trees

The state forest service is doing a clear cut in the forest behind our house.

Our landscape is changing drastically as trees give way to mountain views.

little boys and their toys

Heavy equipment operates from dawn to dark just off our land.
It's an adjustment, but I'm grateful for the fire break.

Soon we'll be able to use our touring skis.
Until then, we hike the trails carefully.
The snow is slippery, and ice is forming in Lehman Creek.

goodbye - see you soon!

We're grateful for our health and for the beauty that surrounds us.
Look for one good thing - pass it on....

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