Monday, November 27, 2017

Life through Photos

Today, I walked trails on the east of town with a friend.
It was unseasonably warm.
Since melting snow freezes overnight,
we had to tread carefully over icy patches.

I used my Olympus with a 17mm pancake lens.
I love taking landscapes and portraits with that lens.
It’s very light and quick.

After finishing about 5 miles, I said goodbye to my friend.
I continued walking through town.
I practiced shooting street scenes.
I admire the street shots of other photographers.
 However, I’m reluctant to invade others’ privacy.

Some skilled street photographers manage to mask identity.
Their photos include people but the angle or processing preserves anonymity.
Those photos draw me into the scene and the story.

All our lives are story, of course.
The way others interpret the story may or may not be true.

Today, I’m telling you a story through photos.
It’s somewhat a story of my life.
I let it open to your interpretation.

My story in photos is my one good thing today.

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Trying to Understand

I navigate familiar paths.
I share space with animals that make
forests, meadows, and mountains their home.

Nature exerts power and makes changes.
I'm small in vast wilderness.

I'm constantly reminded that I'm not in charge.
Weather and the cycles of seasons unfold.
There is nothing I control.

In my small world, I'm attentive.
In the randomness of life, I sometimes discern patterns.
Occasionally, I glimpse my part of the whole.

In those lucid moments, I know peace.

I continue to seek and find my one good thing.

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Thank you to all who have e-mailed me about my posts.
I write to find my way.
I smile to know someone else is walking with me.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Go with the Flow

I've always loved the ebb and flow of water

It acts as a mirror to our souls.

The sound and movement of rapids energize.

Eddies invite rest and contemplation.

Water takes the path of least resistance; it shows the way.

Water is one of the 4 elements: fire, water air, earth.
It is the element of emotion and the unconscious.

It soothes and frightens in equal measure.

Water is a vital nutrient.
The body depends on it for survival.
It is a life-force in Nature.

I like photographing water in its many guises.
Light and shadow play on its surface.
Underneath is an eternal and unknowable power.

Most of these photos were taken near my home in CO where I walk to find water.
The ocean photo was taken in Solano Beach, CA, 
where I spend part of the spring listening to and watching the surf.

The mystery and magic of water are my good things today.

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