Saturday, May 25, 2013


Within a week, I've visited several different ecosystems.

The AZ desert landscape enveloped me in warmth.

Breckenridge, CO, (and fox) welcomed me home to a yard still snow-covered.
(Hopefully not for much longer - it is, after all, the end of May!)

So, to compromise, I'm staying in Denver for awhile.

My container gardens are already flourishing in the city.
I sit on our tiny patio to read and to relax.

In the filtered sunshine, I daydream of lizards and foxes and melting snow.

I'm rejuvenated from my travels.
For me, that's 
One Good Thing.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's What I Make of It

I woke in darkness and thought,
"Today I'm 69."
I knew the alarm hadn't awakened me, so I dozed awhile longer.
When I finally opened my eyes again, the power was off.
I looked outside and realized why:

A foot of wet snow had fallen overnight.

I overslept - something I never do. 
Of course, this particular morning I had an early appointment. 
The fox watched silently as I rushed out the door to drive into town. 
Perhaps it came to say "Happy Birthday, Barb."

The mountain was nearly obscured by low hanging clouds.

Droplets of moisture and snow bombs fell onto my head as I entered the building.
Guess who I visited on the morning of my 69th birthday -

Yep, I had a 2 hour appointment to prep for a crown.
My long-time dentist is also the mayor of Breckenridge.
I asked him where the balloons, the cake, and the friends were hiding -
he said I'd have to settle for some novacaine and drilling instead.

Now, I'm in Denver where a loud thunderstorm just passed through.
Bob is preparing me a crab feast for my birthday dinner.

Snow, pain-free dentistry, and my husband cooking dinner - 
this may be my best birthday ever!
Surely, it's a birthday I won't forget!

On Monday, I leave on a Girlfriends' Vacation to AZ.

Today, for me, find one good thing  and pass it on.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Bryce Canyon at Sunrise

be mindful

look carefully

practice patience

show gratitude

Entering Bryce Canyon before dawn, we make our way slowly downward as pink tinges the eastern horizon. A sliver of moon hangs in the sky. We shiver in the chill air, waiting for the warmth of the sun. Walking alone with only the towering Hoodoos and ancient trees as companions, we speak quietly, respectful in Nature's sanctuary.
The beauty of rock surrounds us - One Good Thing.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Morning Light - Zion National Park

Zion is a Hebrew word meaning safe haven:
morning stillness


spring's awakening



the blessings of warmth


We hiked for 9 miles to Observation Point, awed by the steep cliffs, twisting canyons, and lush vegetation of Utah's Zion National Park.

We are now at Bryce Canyon.

I like the way the desert landscape speaks quietly but has a lot to say -

One Good Thing