Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Wildflowers and Fire Danger

Wildflower and tourist season are in full-swing in Colorado.

heart-leaf arnica

I prefer the flowers to the tourists!

lousewort along Lehman Creek

Our state is very dry from lack of spring moisture.

fireweed on banks of Gore Creek, Vail

Wildflowers along water sources are surviving.


Forest wildflowers are slow to bloom and fast to wilt.

flower garden in Vail

I work in my gardens  and hike the trails.

sunset on my street - orange from smoke blown from wildfires

We watch for smoke plumes indicating fire.


Currently, 10 wildfires are burning in Colorado.

brook cress and chiming bells along Lehman Creek near my house

I pray for rain.

Nature's gardens are my one good thing today.

All photos iPhone X edited in Snapseed

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