Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Healing Path

Do you remember when I wrote of Finding the Tear?
Well, finally, after nearly 2 months of searching,
following the meandering trails of 5 different medical professionals,
I hope that I may be on the healing path.

I'll focus on wellness for the next several weeks.
I won't spend much time on the computer. 

Think of me occasionally, as I'll be thinking of you, my friends.

The photo of the inverted rainbow was taken early-morning,
February 22, when my grandchildren were leaving for skiing.
It's a very unusual phenomena.
I take it as a good omen. 

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

In Perspective

a small object can cast a very large shadow

apply this to:


advise to myself:

keep things in perspective

Sunday, February 10, 2013

This and That - Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Not much photography to share this week. 
The sky's been alternately blue and gray.
However, even on sunny days, it stayed below freezing.
On the weekend, we babysat for Sam, who is 5 months old.
He's a smiling, content baby.
  His newest skill is blowing raspberries.
He especially delights in practicing while eating.
My glasses are coated in mashed banana
by the time I finish feeding him.

Gathering together a few photos for
Scavenger Hunt Sunday:


Sam's fat little piggy-toes.


Bob and I bought this illustration in 1985 from a young artist
outside the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.
It's hung in several kitchens since then, in PA, in MD, and now in CO.


My five year old grandson leads me through the fox installation at the Denver Art Museum.


A spruce laden with new snow provides some window beauty
as I snuggle inside with Sam.


From my heart to yours:
Happy Valentine Day to all.
I hope your day isn't at all prickly!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Grandparent Time - Small Stone

Our Grandson, Sam, is 5 months old.
He stayed with us for a day last week.
We made faces and danced and sang.
We fed and burped and diapered.
Smiles were our reward.

we knew nothing of caring for babies
barely grown ourselves when twins were born
muddling through exhausting days and nights
longing for a private moment or at least a nap
miraculously we're given this second chance
at baby love

small stone - mindful writing
Grand Social