Friday, November 22, 2013

End of Year Post

point of view is everything

wishing you abundant happiness

(there is always One Good Thing)

I hope to return to posting in the New Year.
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Attitude Adjustment

I woke this morning thinking about the importance of attitude.

Attitudes are formed from life experiences and from expectations
set in place from childhood.
Confidence hinges on attitude.
Happiness depends on attitude.
Resilience relies on attitude.
Attitude affects performance.
Well-being or dis-ease are influenced by attitude.

Attitude determines how life is perceived and evaluated.
I can be negative or positive - the choice is mine to make.
I can close mind and heart against all that isn't "true" or "right."
Or, I can open mind and heart to understand and appreciate nuances.
My attitude is the only thing in life that is totally under my control.
If I'm having a "bad" day - my choice.
If I feel frustrated, angry, bitter - my choice.
If I judge harshly - my choice.
If I hate - my choice.
(The opposites are also true.)

I believe it's possible to alter attitude,
but it takes mindfulness and willingness to change.
Attitude begs me to ask the question,
"Why am I thinking, feeling, acting in a particular way?"

Moment by moment,
life demands adjustment.
Attitude determines responses 
to life's changing drama.

Snow adds whimsy to Yarrow which will soon be buried under white.
Nature hinges on change and adjustment.
The cycle demands adaptation.

Finding One Good Thing depends on your focus, your perception, your judgement.
Have you thought about your attitude lately?
Do you think it needs an adjustment?

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Purpose and Focus

icicles on wild roses

sitting by the fire
typing with cold fingers
wind throwing snow pellets
rattling the windowpanes

perhaps a cup of tea
steam rising to my face
warmth leaking into my hands
is in order

more snow now than when this photo
of my husband was taken last week
we are able to cross country ski
John Deere is busy plowing

I'm participating in 21 Days of Gratitude
the first two sessions covered
purpose and focus

we all have a special purpose
sometimes we lose it
needing to find it once again

focus on the present moment
is still my struggle
I'm slowly improving
 which is One Good Thing

be gentle with yourself - as I will be with myself