Friday, January 1, 2021

Goodbye and Hello - Small Stone

I started this blog in 2011 to participate in an international Small Stone writing challenge. A Small Stone is a brief, mindful observation that may take the form of poetry or journaling. Some of the blog friends I made through the years of writing Stones still use the practice to encourage daily introspection and creativity. And so for the month of January, I begin writing stones to welcome 2021. 
As is my practice, I often use a photo along with the stone.

Often, in the hour before dawn, I sat quietly to meditate and to think.
Routine and habits offered safety and comfort to start the day.
Moonlight and firelight cast glows - one cold, one warm.
Fragrant steam from black tea caressed my face.

Yesterday, I said farewell to to the aging year.
2020 demanded change and adaptation. 
I didn't (and won't) malign it.
It taught me so much.


This predawn morning, I greeted the baby new year with no expectations.
I was no more or no less than I was yesterday (except another day older).
Soft darkness, flickering flames, fragrant tea were the same.
I made no specific resolutions/promises for the coming year.
I sat quietly.
I meditated.
I thought -

perhaps I thought of you....


May 2021 offer a new beginning leading to personal growth.
May 2021 bring many good things.

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