Saturday, June 12, 2021

Let Your Spirit Bloom

Spring is an illusive season at high altitude.

do bees have knees?

I've planted some deck boxes with pansies which tolerate cold.
Other more delicate annuals must wait a bit longer.

We live just above 10,000' (3,000m).
Days in June remain pleasantly cool, and nights are still chilly.
Hiking in the early morning, especially when gaining elevation, requires a jacket.
I'm alert while climbing through the forest, but so far in June haven't encountered a bear or moose.

Pausing at this skeletal tree, I send positive and healing thoughts to family and friends.
I entreat myself to extend kindness, stay calm, show tolerance. 
I believe that we all put powerful signals into the Universe.
May mine be free of anger and judgement.


Wildflowers are blooming in boggy areas of the forest.

Marsh Marigolds

Globeflowers and Marsh Marigolds raise their fresh faces toward the sun.


light shining through delicate petals

They are both fragile and tenacious.
(Perhaps like you....)

There is a pervading quiet on winding trails through old growth forest.
Rustling of small forest creatures and songs of birds accompany me.
The burbling of Lehman Creek permeates the silence.

I'm thankful for wilderness that heals the spirit.
Hiking through springtime wild places is my one good thing today.

Thank you for spending time with me.
I hope you've enjoyed your visit.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Snow Melt

As of June 1, every scrap of snow in our yard is melted.
We've begun hiking on the forest trails.

The forest smells juicy with dampness from melting snow.
Wildflowers and grasses are poking green out of the ground.
Trees and bushes are budding.

However, the higher we climb, the more snow remains.
Mountain streams are singing and dancing.

Unfortunately, because of low snowpack, they aren't as energetic as some years.

The high peaks still glisten white in the sunshine.
Some snow will remain up high all summer.

The Continental Divide glows in the distance.

The octopus tree basks in the sunshine.

Welcome spring - my one good thing today!

I'm having issues with Blogger. As you might have noticed after my last post, I tried changing the Header, and it shrank so small it was hard to read the title. I've fooled with the HTML, but now the photo is slightly blurry. Be careful at this point if you want to change your Header - I've read on the forum that many are having this same problem. (Sigh....)

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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Celebrate Life

It's been a month since I posted.

Sometimes, a break from the computer is necessary.
I welcome quiet into my mind and heart.
I change my focus.

There is still snow around my mountain home.
However, as temperatures rise, I begin dreaming of blooms.

Just down the street, daffodils raise their bright faces.

We took a  day trip across Vail Pass into Pitkin County.
In two hours, we said hello to spring.

At home, flakes continue falling.
I can't hike in the forest until more snow melts.

But, each morning, as usual, I rise to greet the dawn.
Finally, for a few weeks, there are less tourists visiting.
So, I walk 5 miles through quiet neighborhoods.
I appreciate the stillness.

"Hi Barb!"

I say hello to fox and moose.
I'm watchful for bears, but so far I haven't seen any.

Three of my grandchildren graduate from high school in May.
They'll fly away toward their own special interests.
I'm proud of them.

On May 9, I celebrated both Mother's Day and my 77th birthday.
I think double 7's might be lucky for me.
We make our own luck, of course.
I told Bob I'm going to continue celebrating for awhile.

I give thanks for life, for love, and for all of my blessings.

A little girl in my neighborhood paints rocks and places them for others to find.
I appreciate this message.
I hope you do, too!

Thank you for your visit.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

As Time Passes

Last week I visited downtown Main Street in Breckenridge for the first time in a year. I went to the optometrist for a long-overdue eye exam.  Next door to his office, a black cat snoozed on the stoop. My mother was very superstitious. Luckily, this kitty only dosed and didn't cross my path to give me immediate bad luck. My mother would go out of her way to avoid black cats. I tell myself I'm not superstitious, but I did think of my mother when I spotted the cat.

 Most of the snow in town is melted. However, at our house and in the forest, we still have plenty of white. When snow blows through sunbeams, the filtered light is ethereal.

We had a snow storm overnight when our son visited. After breakfast, he and I went out to play in it. Luckily, he broke trail in his snowshoes so I could glide easily behind him on my skis. We spoke of the joy we felt surrounded by such natural beauty.

We prepared a special dinner for Gregg, and the gift of snow the next morning was a bonus. The visit left us all with smiles on our faces. Seeing someone you love after such a long isolation feels like a celebration.

 Time passes - we are expecting more snow over the next several days.  The push/pull of the seasons continues as it normally does at high altitude this time of year.  Bob and I are planning a day trip as soon as we see that the weather forecast doesn't predict snow for a few days.

Memories of time spent with family are my good thing today.
I hope you're feeling well.
Thank you for visiting.

Bob's latest blood test was excellent.
Gratitude fills my heart.

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Monday, March 29, 2021

Spring in the Mountains of Colorado

dawn after overnight snow

We live at 10,000' (3,048M) above sea level in the mountains of Colorado. Spring doesn't announce itself with blooming trees and flowers. Instead, snow comes and goes through May. Temperatures rise and fall, melting and refreezing snow already on the ground. 

When we get fresh snow, we go into the forest on our skis as soon as we awake. Bob breaks trail, and I glide behind him. Our skis barely whisper through the soft powder. The ancient trees murmur in the breeze.

We enter an enveloping silence.

Beauty surrounds us.

The large male fox, returning from a night of hunting, often visits in the early morning. 

Unlike the tiny female, he never gets too close to the house. He's curious but remains very alert. I haven't seen the female in awhile, so maybe she's waiting to give birth in the den. A few days ago, the male trotted through the snow carrying a vole in his mouth. Perhaps he was going to deliver breakfast to his mate. 

There is sunshine today, but snow is forecasted for tonight. Our son, Gregg, will arrive soon for an overnight visit. (He's pictured in my Header photo.) He's not been able to stay with us for over a year. We plan a celebratory dinner. Thankfully, we received the second vaccine two weeks ago. Though we remain cautious, we hope to have family visit us occasionally.

The beauty of our surroundings and the love of family are my good things today.

I hope you're also experiencing many good things.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

We Hope for Snow

Our melt/freeze cycle will soon end.
Colder temperatures may bring some much-needed snow.
Waldo is happy no matter the weather.

He's lived on our tree for about 16 years.
I greet him every morning with a smile.
He always smiles back at me.

Do you see the cockatoo head on the stump?
It seems too cold for such a tropical bird!
It will disappear to warmer climes if temperatures plunge.

The dirt road is a morass of mud.
I'm hoping the approaching snow storm will make it walkable again.

We downhill skied on the mountain yesterday.
It was our first time using our pass this season.
It's a different experience during Covid.
We smile remembering our beginner ski lessons.
We did a lot of falling at first.
Luckily, we persevered. 

I'm happy that we can still link turns.
This season is our 50th year on skis.

I hope more snow is in our future.
We like to play in it.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Mind and Body - Not Always in Sync

We're having spring-like weather at high altitude.
Temps are just 10 degrees above freezing, but the sun is warm.
I've been walking all week with no gloves.
My jacket is tied around my waist.

Yesterday, I started walking and immediately felt tired.
Reaching the first big hill, I considered turning around. 
I hadn't even gone a mile.
I started making excuses:

exhaustion, slippery surfaces, aches
old, old, old

little tree among big trees

I know from experience that the mind doesn't always cooperate.
The body feels even worse with the mind's complaints.
I decided not to listen to it.
I forged onward.

small tree casting shadow

Today, I had a change of attitude.
I smiled at the blue, blue sky.
The sun warmed my face.
The air felt refreshing.

My mind remained peaceful.
My body responded in kind.

Exercise is important to me.
My body is old but accustomed to movement.
The mind is old, too, and doesn't always act in my best interests.

I'm very lucky.
I have no debilitating illness - no chronic pain.
My aches often disappear with movement.
In a couple months I'll be 77.

I'm grateful for my body's ability to move.
I'm thankful for the natural beauty that beckons to me.
I need to keep moving even when my mind would rather take a break.

I hope you'll keep moving, too, in any way that you're able.
Sometimes mindfulness requires ignoring the mind!