Friday, February 17, 2023

Healing Thoughts

Good News!

My physical therapist told me last week I could begin exercising outdoors.
As soon as I returned home from his office, I got myself ready for a walk.
I left from the house and walked a half hour on the plowed dirt road nearby.

I was careful.
I was v-e-r-y slow....
I was exhilarated!

At one point, I realized my face was wet with tears.
How embarrassing - I was crying tears of joy.
I pulled myself together and kept striding.

Now, I go for a walk nearly every day.
I take a hiking pole but only use it if there is an icy patch.
I'm able to walk over an hour most days.
My ankle is stiff by evening, but I see improvement daily.
I continue meeting with my PT.

storm clouds hide Red Mountain

Winter landscapes are constantly changing.
Clouds move in and bring snow.

Each dawn bestows the gift of a new day.

This photo is for a blog friend who loves foxes.
She recently received a troubling diagnosis, so I send her healing thoughts.

My One Good Thing today is the body's ability to heal.
I wish you strength.
I wish you sunshine.
I wish you healing.


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Friday, January 20, 2023

Hello 2023

 Hello 2023!

Yes, I know I'm a little late.

The landscape is wearing winter white.

I'm in physical therapy 2X a week for my ankle.
I do special exercises at home to improve leg/ankle strength and balance. 
I'm improving day by day.

There is no quick fix.
Determination, patience, and a great physical therapist help my healing.

I'm still inside looking out.

I have forest creatures to keep me company.
Their antics make me smile.

Though we don't feed them, they're ever hopeful.
Also, they're curious and often peek in our windows.

My mother taught me that self-worth lives inside all of us.
It is not bestowed by anyone or anything outside ourselves.
What we think about ourselves matters.

We are all inherently worthy.
Today, in my first post of 2023, I celebrate the good we all have inside.

Thank you for visiting.
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