Saturday, December 29, 2018

Home Sweet Home

Barb skiing Vail

We arrived back home in Colorado a month ago.
Early snow painted our property and the mountains white.

frost on the window of our room in Vail

Cancer treatment takes a toll physically, mentally, and emotionally.
First the diagnosis, then the research, and finally the treatment are all-consuming.

our backyard

In the intricate medical maze that is cancer treatment, there are many questions without answers.
Each person/family must endlessly advocate for the patient.

Bob skiing Breckenridge

We're back to our normal routines.
We exercise daily, eat healthy, and take time to relax.
We keep moving - there is so much to see and do and enjoy each day.

We appreciate people's prayers and positive thoughts on our behalf.
We give and receive affection.

We know that connection and love are healing.

the purity of white calms us

In this post, I share some photos of our beautiful, snowy landscape in CO.

However, the final photo is one of my favorites from our time in CA.
Nature manages to nurture us in many ways.

My friend sent me this quote from the Dalai Lama:
"There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live."

Happy New Year to all!

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Monday, November 5, 2018

Day by Day - One Good Thing

We've been away from our Colorado mountain home for nearly a month.
Friends send us photos of snow in Breckenridge.
Here in S California, there is mist over the ocean when we awake.

Morning light is soft as waves surge forward crashing against rock.

Each day, we walk to exercise.
Some of the people we pass recognize us now.
We smile and greet each other.
We're friendly strangers.

One day in the grocery store, a man (another customer) started talking to me.
He was originally from the Middle East where his family had a farm stand.
He wanted to teach me how to find the best oranges.
Taking a pocket knife from his jacket, he insisted I taste one.

I wondered briefly about the cleanliness of his knife.
Also, was it OK to just take an orange?
However, he was insistent, so I complied.
The orange he chose from the pile was delicious. 
He cut it in segments, watching while I ate, the juice dripping off my chin.

Finally, he wondered why I was visiting in California.
Telling him my husband is receiving cancer treatment, I felt the sting of tears in my eyes.
Gently, he drew me into a hug and whispered, "I will pray for you both."

For the rest of the day, the scent of oranges lingered on my skin.
I'll remember kindness now whenever I smell oranges.

Each weekday Bob receives a proton radiation treatment. Today is #10.
When he reaches 28, we can go home to Colorado.

Meanwhile, we smile at strangers and accept their kindness.

Always (ALWAYS!) there is One Good Thing.

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Friday, October 19, 2018

Just Another Day of Good Things...

We are now at our long-term rental in Del Mar. 
Our condo overlooks 4 ancient Torrey Pines and beyond them the ocean.

Each day we walk, taking deep breaths of salt air.
The weather is mild, the sun warming our shoulders.

this speckled rock always gets my attention

Today on the way home, a young man approached us carrying yellow daisies.
He introduced himself and said he was challenged to talk to 100 strangers today.
He said he'd already met this goal but was continuing to introduce himself to people.
The flowers were from his wife's garden.
After a short chat, he gave us 3 flowers.
Smiling, I told him that I appreciated his positive energy.

Toward the end of our walk, we passed a small pedestal "free library" decorated for Halloween.
I noticed brightly painted rocks with a sign encouraging visitors to take one.

I was charmed by the rocks and by the idea of the kindness and connection they offered.
I chose the heart rock to bring back to the condo.
Heated by the sun, the rock felt comforting and alive in my palm.

As the day ebbed, I listened to an uplifting podcast about healing cancer.
A young man spoke of his diagnoses of cancer in his 20's.
He embarked on a healthier lifestyle to help heal his body.
His message was profound, but he shared it with humor and grace.
I held the heart rock as I listened, and it grew warm in my hand.

sunset from our deck

So many good things today!
I appreciate the connection with strangers who offer kindness and hope.
I'm grateful for the sanctuary of Nature.

Bob begins his cancer treatment on October 23.
Thank you for supporting us with your positive thoughts and prayers.

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Friday, October 12, 2018

In a Hopeful Light

We're renting a condo in Solana Beach, CA.
There is a lovely light hanging over the steps leading to the downstairs bedrooms.

Some mornings, I sit in darkness facing that light. 

I watch the sun begin to illuminate the sky.

Hope is a lot like light.
Hope illuminates darkness.
It imprints upon negative space and allows a positive picture to form.
The picture may not be reality but it is real nonetheless.

Hope reflects our heart's desires. 

Bob and I are feeling well.
We stay active.
We smile.

Light and hope fill our days.

Bob's treatment will start sooner than we thought.
We'll stay in California for a couple months until it's completed.

I give thanks for light and hope today - both are good things.

I'm thankful also for family and friends who offer prayers and positive thoughts.
We feel very loved and supported.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

A Stressful Time

I'm receiving emails from people wondering if I'm OK since I haven't posted for so long.  Bob was diagnosed with intermediate grade prostate cancer in August, so we've been busy with DR appointments and research, trying to decide what treatment is best for him. Bob looks and feels well, so we continue with our activities and exercise.

Bob in August in Vail where we celebrated 52 years of marriage

We'll travel to California early in October to confer with a specialist about a treatment plan.  We'll stay for a week in the area where we visit in the spring. We're relieved to have this appointment which may point us in the right direction. 

Meanwhile, in the mountains of CO, it's fall.

Aspens are putting on a gold and yellow and orange show.

I try to hike or walk briskly every day.

Leaves waft through the air at the slightest breeze.
Trails are covered with golden treasure.

In times of stress, Nature whispers to me and offers emotional healing.

I'm grateful for this time of beauty to share with my husband, family, and friends.

The magnificence of fall is my One Good Thing today.

we saw this rainbow on the way home from a DR's appointment
(a good omen, I hope...)

Thank you for your kind thoughts.

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Saturday, August 11, 2018


In the midst of chaos - beauty.

Allow light to enter darkness.

Focus on breath, on beating heart, on gratitude.

 Open the mind to restful calmness.

Be still.

My One Good Thing today is the healing stillness of Nature.

The stick sculptures by Patrick Dougherty are displayed in Vail, CO.
The nature photos are from Crested Butte, CO, where I enjoyed both stillness and connection.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Wildflowers and Fire Danger

Wildflower and tourist season are in full-swing in Colorado.

heart-leaf arnica

I prefer the flowers to the tourists!

lousewort along Lehman Creek

Our state is very dry from lack of spring moisture.

fireweed on banks of Gore Creek, Vail

Wildflowers along water sources are surviving.


Forest wildflowers are slow to bloom and fast to wilt.

flower garden in Vail

I work in my gardens  and hike the trails.

sunset on my street - orange from smoke blown from wildfires

We watch for smoke plumes indicating fire.


Currently, 10 wildfires are burning in Colorado.

brook cress and chiming bells along Lehman Creek near my house

I pray for rain.

Nature's gardens are my one good thing today.

All photos iPhone X edited in Snapseed

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Storing Beach Memories

Next week at this time, I'll be at home in Breckenridge, CO.

My beach vacation is soon over.

Until then, I watch the surfers.

Pelicans entertain me.

Blooms attract me.

Sunsets amaze me.

The roll of the sea is my constant companion.

I store memories of sand and surf for when I'm back at my mountain home.

Thank you for visiting.

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