Sunday, January 24, 2021

Bald Mountain - Small Stone - 22

I see Bald Mountain on my walks through the neighborhood. It rises above the valley opposite the Tenmile Range. I've hiked up Baldy several times, once on snowshoes when I was in my 50's. Hiking the ridgeline you encounter at least 2 false summits before finally reaching the top. It's about 10 miles to the summit and back. Hiking mountains is like navigating life. You must keep going, moving forward, and not be discouraged by setbacks (or false summits).
I must remember to tell my oldest grandchildren this! 
I hope they don't roll their eyes....

Baldy is 13,690' in altitude (4,173M). It is one of many 13,000' peaks surrounding Breckenridge.

small stone
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