Tuesday, January 5, 2021

The Wrinklies - Small Stone - 5

Bob calls us "the Wrinklies".

From youth until encroaching old age, I used potions and lotions. This spring, during the start of the virus, I turned 76. We began a long isolation that continues to this day. Going into public is infrequent. Masks are now my fashion statement. I have several favorites, some made by friends. When outside, I wear sunglasses and a hat pulled low over my brow. I am literally incognito. In the morning, I slap on some moisturizer and call it good. No anti-aging formula, no lipstick, no concealer, wrinkles (when I'm maskless) on full display. Perhaps I've become a poster woman for Wabi-Sabi. Where has my former vanity gone? 

I wonder if it will ever return?

texture - tree bark on snow - my skin is not quite this wrinkly

small stone
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