Friday, October 19, 2018

Just Another Day of Good Things...

We are now at our long-term rental in Del Mar. 
Our condo overlooks 4 ancient Torrey Pines and beyond them the ocean.

Each day we walk, taking deep breaths of salt air.
The weather is mild, the sun warming our shoulders.

this speckled rock always gets my attention

Today on the way home, a young man approached us carrying yellow daisies.
He introduced himself and said he was challenged to talk to 100 strangers today.
He said he'd already met this goal but was continuing to introduce himself to people.
The flowers were from his wife's garden.
After a short chat, he gave us 3 flowers.
Smiling, I told him that I appreciated his positive energy.

Toward the end of our walk, we passed a small pedestal "free library" decorated for Halloween.
I noticed brightly painted rocks with a sign encouraging visitors to take one.

I was charmed by the rocks and by the idea of the kindness and connection they offered.
I chose the heart rock to bring back to the condo.
Heated by the sun, the rock felt comforting and alive in my palm.

As the day ebbed, I listened to an uplifting podcast about healing cancer.
A young man spoke of his diagnoses of cancer in his 20's.
He embarked on a healthier lifestyle to help heal his body.
His message was profound, but he shared it with humor and grace.
I held the heart rock as I listened, and it grew warm in my hand.

sunset from our deck

So many good things today!
I appreciate the connection with strangers who offer kindness and hope.
I'm grateful for the sanctuary of Nature.

Bob begins his cancer treatment on October 23.
Thank you for supporting us with your positive thoughts and prayers.

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Friday, October 12, 2018

In a Hopeful Light

We're renting a condo in Solana Beach, CA.
There is a lovely light hanging over the steps leading to the downstairs bedrooms.

Some mornings, I sit in darkness facing that light. 

I watch the sun begin to illuminate the sky.

Hope is a lot like light.
Hope illuminates darkness.
It imprints upon negative space and allows a positive picture to form.
The picture may not be reality but it is real nonetheless.

Hope reflects our heart's desires. 

Bob and I are feeling well.
We stay active.
We smile.

Light and hope fill our days.

Bob's treatment will start sooner than we thought.
We'll stay in California for a couple months until it's completed.

I give thanks for light and hope today - both are good things.

I'm thankful also for family and friends who offer prayers and positive thoughts.
We feel very loved and supported.

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