Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Exploring New Territory

How can it be the end of January already?
Do you think time passes more quickly as you age?
I do!

Red Mountain rises 13,227' (4,031 M) into the sky - I greet it each morning

I can see dawn from my kitchen window now.
The forest that obscured this view in the past is gone.

Bald Mountain 13,690' (4,173 M) previously hid behind the forest 

The cut is nearly complete.
Aspen, spruce, fir, and baby pine still dot the landscape.
However, the lodge pole pines - ancient trees over 125 years old - are gone.
Vast open meadows have taken the place of dense forests.
Wildfires which pose a dangerous threat have less fuel to spread.
Cutting the old pines provides the forest a chance to regenerate.

I snowshoe through the new landscape.
Silence follows my linked footsteps.
High peaks look down on me.
Young trees wave hello.

The snowshoe hare also leaves tracks.
I believe it's faster than I am on its snowshoes.

Peak 9, Breckenridge Ski Resort

This season we celebrate half a century of downhill skiing.
I still feel like a girl when I float down the slopes on my skis.
However, each season, I wonder if maybe it will be our last.
It's a dangerous sport, and we are no longer young.
But, we'll enjoy it this winter while we still can.

Moon hanging above Peak 10

The logging has exposed so many views.
It's fun to explore new territory.

I'm surrounded by Nature's beauty which is my good thing today.
I hope you're able to enjoy natural landscapes, too.

Stay well!


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