Thursday, April 25, 2013

Life's Rhythm

I've been staying with my four grandchildren for a week.
Life falls into a comforting rhythm.
I wake before dawn and brew my cup of tea. The house has the muted quiet of sleep.
I watch the sun rise over the distant peaks.

A new day is born.
Soon, I hear the eight year old on the stairs.
Always the first to rise, he likes this special time alone with me.
By 7, the 10 year old twins and 7 month old Sam are awake.
Eating breakfast, brushing teeth, changing a diaper, gathering backpacks -
off we go to the bus stop.

Sam and I wave goodbye and stroll up the road on our morning walk.
Birds sing and squirrels chatter. We see elk and fox and coyote tracks.
The day passes in a schedule of bottles, naps, and diaper changes.

Late afternoon, the front door crashes open. The children are "starved" after their day at school. Snacks and play time, dinner, homework, showers, pajamas - just enough time left for a book before lights out.

The house settles into sleep.
I brew a last cup of tea.
Life's quiet rhythm continues - One Good Thing...

Thursday, April 18, 2013


I thought about writing a post on Monday, but after the bombing in Boston, I hesitated. I had friends in Boston for the Marathon. I needed to hear that they were safe. When word came that they were all OK, I felt relieved but also exhausted by random violence that forever changed so many lives.

It's been a snowy week in Denver, days and days of clouds and cold. Spring bulbs and blossoms that emerged too early were stunned by the below-freezing temperatures. Finally, today, the sun shines. Snow melts. Grass seems shades greener than yesterday.
Once again, I search for One Good Thing:
the warmth of the sun on my back, a robin ruffling its feathers, icicles dripping from the eaves, the smile of my Grandson.

I give thanks.
Life goes on.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Feeling of Springtime in My Heart

Spring is more a feeling than a season at high altitude.

Though the calendar might indicate spring, it still looks like winter in Breckenridge, CO.
In fact, we had 7 inches (17 cm) of snow earlier in the week.
Most likely, we'll have snow on the ground through May.

However, the lighting is different - there is a soft glow on the snow.
Beautiful sunsets linger late over the western mountains.
Temperatures are warming, and the melt/freeze cycle has started.

fox tracks on the frozen Blue River, Breckenridge, CO

I want to thank all who have sent me positive wishes for healing.
I've posted some details about my illness and my journey toward health on Live and Learn.
I'm enjoying springtime both inside my heart and outside in my environment.
The feeling of spring is my One Good Thing today.