Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Taking Notice and Making a Difference

The beauty of light in winter's forest is ever-changing. I often stop to gaze and appreciate.

We've been getting small amounts of snow every few days. However, our snowpack remains too low to give us adequate moisture for summer. Temperatures fluctuate above freezing some days causing melt. During the night, lowering temperatures freeze everything solid. 

Navigating on skis and walking the neighborhood become challenging with ice underfoot. 

My amaryllis is blooming!
From bulb to bloom I've enjoyed the mystery of its growth.
Its fiery red adds a pop of color to our days.

now 18 years old, she was interested in plants from an early age

Our granddaughter, Amanda, was awarded first place in plant research at the Denver regional science fair. Now, she advances to the state science fair held in April. For her experiment, she investigated the effects of UV-degraded microplastics on aquatic primary producers - a timely topic in our modern world where plastic trash threatens the environment.

I celebrate many good things today:

light on snow, winter blooms, and a studious granddaughter trying to safeguard the natural environment

Friday, February 12, 2021

Sad/Happy News

I'm a little sad lately. A dear friend had a major accident at the ski area. A broken femur required surgery. Her fractured wrist is casted. She celebrated her 84th birthday in a Denver rehab. No visitors are allowed, but a bunch of friends Zoomed with her on her birthday. I'm reminded of the fragility of life which can and does change in an instant.

However, today, I need to celebrate. Eighteen years ago, on February 12, Bob and I became grandparents for the first time. Ben was born, and a minute later, his twin, Amanda, made her debut. I remember the elation of seeing them for the first time, right after their birth, as we gazed through the window of the neonatal unit. Bob started crying immediately. He had seemed less excited than I was initially about being a grandparent, but his heart filled with love the instant he saw them. Both of us have been smitten ever since. Today they are officially young adults. They've brought us a great deal of joy and pride. They'll graduate high school this spring and are making plans for their future.

"cooking" at about 1 year 

sharing a joke

Happy 18th Birthday, Ben and Amanda! Just thinking of you makes me smile!

Grandchildren are my One Good Thing today and every day.

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Monday, February 8, 2021

Winter's Changing Landscapes

We finally had two back to back snow storms.

The first storm started one afternoon while I was walking.
Clouds obscured the mountain as tiny ice pellets fell.

By dawn of the next day, we had 13" (33cm).

The second storm gave us about 6" (15cm).
Sunlight created a rosy glow on virgin snow.
It finally looks like winter again, though our snowpack remains below normal.

High winds over several days knocked the snow from branches.
Gusts blew some beautiful sunset clouds over the mountain.

Winter's changing landscape is my Good Thing today.
Thank you for visiting.
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