Sunday, October 5, 2014

Wishing You Many Good Things

I wander through
a river of stones
searching for life's
infinite possibilities

September snow in dry river bed, Burro Trail, Breckenridge, CO

I started this blog in January, 2011, to participate with other writers around the world in creating "small stones" which are brief, focused observations about daily life. In each subsequent January, I've done daily posts of small stones while also posting once a week or more in other months. The title of the blog is its goal - to find and report on One good Thing (and sometimes on more than one). 

Recently, I've decided that two blogs are more than I can handle. I intend to make One Good Thing private in about a week's time. I know that some people just stop posting and let their blogs in the public domain, but I've heard stories about theft of content as well as actual piracy of inactive blogs by spammers, so I've decided to close One Good Thing to the public. It will remain for my family to read if they so desire.

I want to thank all who have commented here the past several years. I've enjoyed getting to know you - many of you are writers/photographers who also participated in the small stone challenge.

I believe that good things are infinite and are waiting for us to find them. 

Wishing you an abundance of all good things!

I'll continue to post on my blog, Live and Learn.
Perhaps some of you will visit me there.

Thank You for your friendship,