Friday, November 27, 2020


We had a week of celebrations.

Bob turned 76 on Monday, the 23rd.
Yesterday, we counted our blessings by celebrating Thanksgiving.
Throughout the week, family and friends called, texted, and sent greetings.
Though we remain isolated, we feel connected to others by love.

We received the gift of white in 2 storms.

The first dropped a foot of snow and transformed our surroundings.
Last evening, another couple inches fell.

On Thanksgiving morning, we skied through the forest on our touring skis.
The chill air, the laden trees, the heightened body awareness uplift our spirits.

The magic of gliding through a white world never grows old.

We're very lucky to live in proximity to wilderness.
Its beauty and challenge enhance our lives in a myriad of ways.
In Nature I find respite from my fears and my worries.

Wherever you are in the world, I send hope for health and for healing.
In a world of problems there are still many good things.
Find them, focus on them, and let them feed your soul.

I send hugs from Colorado.

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Friday, November 6, 2020

Work and Play

Six large lodgepoles were downed by wind across trails we use.
With winter fast approaching, they blocked our usual route on touring skis.
Luckily some industrious neighbor cleared all but one.

Early this morning, we headed out to be lumberjacks.
Two trees were actually across the trail.
A dead tree came down and took a healthy one with it.

Bob got busy with the hand saw.
I gave important instructions like
"be careful!"
"don't cut yourself!"

With the dead one sawed, he had to drag it off the trail.
My job was to hold the saw.

When the healthy tree was sawed, it looked like Charley Brown's Christmas tree.
Unfortunately, it will die before the holidays.

With the trail passable, our morning work was complete, and we hiked back home.
I was famished after all my supervision!

This week, we've had the usual moose and foxes moving across the property.

A less frequent visitor we're always happy to see is the Pine Marten.
They are secretive animals and seeing one is always a treat.
It stayed on the deck for about half an hour.

It rested for awhile, yawning and briefly closing its eyes.
However, it was always on guard.
It was aware of me at the window, but didn't seem worried.
We've had successive generations of Martens over 25 years. 
Perhaps they've learned we pose no threat.

Here is a brief video.

Our county is now in orange stage 2 and under greater restrictions because the virus is spreading.
Meanwhile, our ski areas are opening, and tourists are arriving.

Bob and I continue to isolate.

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