Saturday, January 29, 2011

Safe Keeping

Suddenly alert - panic surging
Blackness pressing from outside in
I creep through night's house
To check the Grandchildren
Cocooned in blankets, faces flushed
Dreams twitching eyelids
Safely sleeping, unaware
Of Night Monsters banished
By Grammy's vigilance

A River of Stones


  1. Good job Grammy! Love the min-story and the photo!

  2. Even I as an adult can’t get into sleep hearing the roaring and growling of Night Monsters. Your grandchildren are protected by such invisible cares and attentions to live and sleep safe and sound! Have a good night sleep tonight.

  3. Barb. i was so hungry for books out on the farm, I read the Progressive Farmer, the only magazine my parents got.

    I loved this story! When I was twelve, mom took my sister and I to the library to get cards. Since then, I have never been without books.

  4. Scary, isn't it? I thought you might have them this weekend.

  5. I think I fall asleep reading that my kid listening to the stories I read.

    I hope the kids are having fun with their fondue and bed time stories.


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