Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Folding wash, moist air enveloping
Smoothing the towels languidly
Feeling warmth penetrate cold
Hugging the pile chin to chest
Remembering summer beaches and sunshine
Before closing the dryer door

A River of Stones


  1. Folding laundry is one of my favourite household tasks, - everything so clean and smelly and warm. No wonder it raises thoughts of summer. Nice stone, Barb.

  2. Lovely words. I hate doing laundry but I do love the smell of clean clothes and summer!

  3. I find the daily chores can be relaxing, satisfying if I let them. I read your entry about the fox and I think how few in today’s world ever get the opportunity to see the cycle of life. We are among the fortunate few.

  4. When I use dryer, I like to fold laundry feeling soft warm touch. When weather is fine, I hang out the washing outside, because they get dry easily in the very dry air of winter. In the late afternoon, they are dry but cold to touch, still I can feel the faint smell of sunshine. I like it, too.

  5. Oh for those summer beaches. Today here, it's grey and wet but perhaps I'll go and fold some laundry!

  6. I enjoyed that. Yep, folding warm towels fresh from a dryer can definitely remind one of warmer days. :)

  7. Luckily I don't laundry anymore, Zee does. (hehehe)

    It would be a great experience to climb to the top of the Lighthouse.

  8. It's not about the laundry - but about being in the moment and what that moment evokes. Yes - even folding laundry can bring a sense of pleasure.

  9. This is wonderful--perfectly evokes that warm laundry feeling. So nice when you're cold!


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