Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Standing at the summit
Gauzy clouds and chilly mist
Wintery peaks fading to the horizon

Suddenly, I realize
Life is NOW:
No past, no future - just present

And the steady beating of my heart

A River of Stones

Ridge of Ten Mile Range (12,840'), Breckenridge Ski Area


  1. What a gift aros is. To be invited to see the world through another's eyes has been such a joy. Thankyou for visiting me this morning near sea level in Australia, I'm so pleased I returned the visit.

  2. A fabulous picture and a wonderful expression of those precious moments when we feel most alive and most present - thank you.

  3. Barb,

    Nice new site. I hope all is well. I love looking at the photos. It keeps Colorado close. We're busy here with kids hockey and all the running around that's involved.


  4. Your poem allows me to read it quietly and fully appreciate the meaning in the mist.
    Beautiful photo!

  5. "Life is now"...Enjoy at its fullest! Great slopes!

  6. Life is now - a wonderful reminder for us to LIVE!

  7. Barb,
    I am reminded again and again that "Life is Now." Aren't we funny creatures? We need so much reminding!
    I'm glad you offered the reminder this time.

  8. This is a wonderful blog. I read them all. I love your thoughts as voiced in your poetry!

    The one about the towel in the dryer comes to mind. I liked that quirk at the end. And all the others are great. The first look at the baby.....they are just so great.

    And this one is the one that I shall take to heart as I approach the end of my life. It is quite a revelation to me to realize that I have come to that point. Guess I am kind of slow. I guess I thought I would live forever. That the world could not get along without me. This past two years have been fraught with one ailment after another, though nothing serious, but enough to take away such stupid thoughts of living forever that's for sure. I have been fortunate for I have been pretty much able to do what I have always done until this last year. Hence the thought that it would go on forever.
    Great Post and blog.

  9. Awesome Barb.
    Regards and have a great weekend ahead.

  10. Boy is that ever true. And your now is pretty darn good.
    I love that shot, but do believe I would be afraid up there.

  11. So beautifully put - and a great reminder.


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