Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Gift

When I first saw my Granddaughter
Behind the glass, in her little cot
Immediately I thought of my Mother
Whether a physical resemblance
Or just essence, I can't say
The child carries something forward
In smile or spirit
That was and is a gift

A River of Stones


  1. I have a picture of a cousin who lived 150 years ago, sitting on my great grandfather's porch, - it could be my granddaughter, - the way she sits, the smile on her face, and probably the spirit within her. Love your stone, Barb.

  2. Funny how our ancestors never really leave; they just come back with different names.

  3. When I first saw a picture of my great grandmother I said, ah that's where I got my nose! :-)
    Love the photo. A walking path without snow!!

  4. Now that is a very delightful shot!

  5. That shot is a memory maker.
    When my cousin sent some old photos from relatives in Idaho, there was a young girl who looked exactly like my older sister at that age.

    In our family, we seem to be looking more alike as we get older.

  6. This photo reminds me of one page of the picture book I read in the old days.
    She is lovely with her long hair and a white hat. By looking at the photo, I felt your love for your grandchild.

  7. I love her carefree stride! I love the perspective of this shot!

  8. Genetic ribbons weave through us, passing their gift on through each generation. You are fortunate to watch it pass through generations.


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