Monday, November 14, 2022

A Setback but Still Good Things

 There are good and bad times in every life. 
Sometimes life feels easy and sometimes it seems hard.

About a week ago, I had a major setback with my ankle. I tripped in the house and felt something snap. I knew I'd reinjured the tendon. An MRI confirmed that the tendon is now torn. I'm in a soft air cast for at least a month and in a brace at night. It's a walking cast, but the DR prefers I stay off it as much as possible. I'm mostly sitting with my leg elevated.

scattering wildflower seeds 

Bob is running himself ragged taking care of me, cooking meals, and doing all the chores. 
Yesterday, he scattered wildflower seeds while I "supervised" from a chair on the deck.

Snow is starting to accumulate. I admire the falling flakes from inside the house.
Obviously, I can't venture outside in icy/snowy conditions.

I try to focus on the many good things in my life:
a husband who takes care of me
books that help pass the time
family and friends who offer love and support

A former student heard I was ailing and sent 2 dozen roses.

They were quite spectacular.
I still have a few in bud vases to enjoy.

I watch the moon set to the west.

A rising sun casts a glow over Red Mountain to the south.

Can you find 3 moose in the photo?
Only the ears and head of one of the calves are visible through the middle evergreen.
The twin calves are huge though they were only born this spring.

Wild things still wander near the house.

I'm grateful for these Good Things.

Thank You for visiting - I hope you're well.
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