Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Leaf Change, Life Change

In October at high altitude, days are crisp and nights go below freezing.
Aspens put on their autumn finery.

Today, Bob and I started at first light to hike the Blue River Trail.

The path meanders along an alpine meadow dressed in fall colors.

Soon, we climb into the cold shade of a spruce and pine forest.

In clearings, the blazing colors of aspens provide visual warmth.

We walk trails strewn with gold.

As the sun continues to rise, the leaves glow with light.

Because we're so early, we're alone in the forest.

We listen to Nature's music:
squirrels chattering, birds chirping, and wind rustling through the trees.

We crunch through fallen leaves.

I hike with a grateful and open heart.

Fall colors are my One Good Thing today.

I'm taking Physical Therapy now 2X a week.
My therapist is working on my flexibility, balance, and core strength.
As you can see from this hike, I'm mobile again - we went 4 miles today.
I carried the Olympus with the zoom lens.
I edit in Snapseed.

Thank you for your healing wishes.
They're helping!

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