Tuesday, October 29, 2019

A Blanket of White

At high altitude, the change from fall to winter is abrupt.
Several October storms blanket us with snow.
Temperatures drop consistently below freezing.

The trails through the forest are snow-covered.
Evergreens branches bend under the weight of white.

I walk carefully using poles for balance.
Soon there will be enough coverage for touring skis.

My physical therapy appointments are finished, but I have "homework."
Exercises for core strength, flexibility, and balance are a daily routine.
I continue to focus on correct posture.
New habits take the place of old, but mindfulness is necessary.

this bull wears two red ear tags - he's being studied by the forest service

Moose are in rut and roam near the house. 

a cow with twin yearling calves grazes across the street from my house - she's wearing a gps collar
notice how her ruff is raised and her ears are back - she sees me on an upper deck and is in protective mode

When I'm outside, I'm alert.

Bulls skirmish in a quest to win a cow's favor.
I won't stand in the way of love!

I say hello to foxes I see daily.

They stop and wait to see if I'll feed them.
When they don't get a handout, they continue on their way.

A new storm is churning gray clouds over the mountains.

We sit by the fire and wonder:
How can it be winter already?

A warm house is my one good thing today.
I also give thanks for the wildlife that roams so close to my home.

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