Saturday, October 12, 2019

Adjust and Adapt

We had a snowstorm on October 10.
About 8" (20cm) accumulated, and temperatures plummeted.
I drove to a physical therapy appointment in town while it snowed.
I guess it's time to get back into winter driving mode again!

I want to tell you a bit about what my PT stresses during my sessions.
He takes me through drills and exercises to improve posture, balance, and core strength.

He's corrected my posture so many times that my brain is finally responding.
I'm breaking old, ingrained ways of standing and moving.
I tended to have my head too far back with my chin raised.
My focus needs to be at the top of my head toward the rear.

I think I was overcompensating too much trying not to adopt an old person's stance. 
(That would involve bending the neck forward and looking down at the feet.)
Poor posture has a negative effect on the neck, spine and lower back.
It also doesn't allow for full vision to help with balance.

I must concentrate on pulling up from the top rear of the head to lengthen the spine.
At the same time, I adjust my chin minutely toward the neck.
From this position, I can see directly in front of me without adjusting my head up or down.
Plus, I have full peripheral vision.

Today, I walked my usual 5 miles concentrating on posture.
It was a chilly, blue sky day.
I felt fantastic being outside.

Changing ingrained habits isn't easy.
However, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

I'm grateful for my body's ability to learn and adapt.
Mindfulness is important even in mundane situations.

The photos are of our snowstorm and its aftermath.
Fall is now just a memory at high altitude.

Thank you for visiting.

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