Sunday, February 16, 2014

Now Is All We have

a friend from my past is dying

sunrise reflected off high peaks, Tenmile Range

for 20 years, she's suffered a chronic and debilitating disease
remembering the last time I skied with her, I find myself smiling
coming down a steep, narrow chute, I wondered if I'd misjudged

storm clouds, Breckenridge Ski Area

but at the bottom, she was exultant
she couldn't wait to tell her daughter about her accomplishment
by the next year, she was unable to ski because of balance issues

sunset from my house, Tenmile Range

we'd like to think we have forever
but we don't

lessons I keep teaching myself:
don't wait, move through fear, celebrate victories

the ebbing of light

Live Life!

find One Good Thing -  pass it on

hoping for solace for those who suffer and grieve
(my own family emergency is resolved - thank you for your concern)


  1. It is always sad to know that someone is probably close to leaving this earth. I'm glad she has a good relationship with her daughter. I'm glad she skied. Blessings to her, her family, and friends.

    Beautiful photos that show that we are intertwined with the world we live in.

  2. Living in the "now" is simply one of the true tests of our spirit and being centered in our world. A loving tribute to your friend in words and pictures. Thank you. Indeed, you gave us several good things to pass on.

  3. Photos of beauty and beauty in your words of tribute, keep strong in your heart with those loving memories. Hugs, specially today and this week, Jean.

  4. Sorry to hear but a very important lesson andway of living. Grasp life as much as you can. We wish you a lot of strength.


  5. I am sorry for the loss you are experiencing with your friend but I am glad you have the joyful times to remember. As I am sure she does.

  6. The beautiful sky photos mirror your beautiful reflections on life. So important--to live each day to the fullest. May your friends last days be full of love and friendship and beautiful memories.

  7. i am so sorry for your friend - and all who care about her.

    your photos gave us gifts for this day. thank you.

  8. Oh I am so sorry for your friend, but happy that your family emergency has been resolved. And yes, it is important to live life fully and without hesitation, thank you for the beautiful sunsets, a lovely way to end my day!!

  9. I am so sorry you are losing your friend and that she has suffered so long. Time just doesn't care if we are ready. Good that she had that great ski with a dear friend.
    That sunrise with the mountains aflame is awesome.

  10. Live, live, live -- to the fullest and that is what you've helped your friend to do. Sorry doesn't cover it -- does it?! But I am. Sunrise and sun set ... the pattern of time.


  11. Precious memories inform our present and how to live. Thinking of you during this sad time. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photographs. Life: so much to celebrate and so much to break our hearts.

  12. Barb, your photos are so beautiful.
    I am truly sorry about your friend that is dying.
    Never easy to lose someone that we care about.

    I have a good friend that I have known for over 30 years that is losing her son, he has cancer.
    It's quite heartbreaking, I knew the young man since he was a little boy.

    We must live for today and appreciate all the good things in our life.
    You are inspiring , Barb.

  13. The longer we live and share the more incredible the journey including disease and death. As too with beauty and life - your words and photos reflect both. We all share your grief and "One Good Thing" or two. Blessings and prayers for you and your friend.

  14. Time waits for no one... so sorry about your friend Barb.

  15. So true, Barb. So true! Cherish each day!

    A good friend of mine back in NY is battling ovarian cancer right now and her 30 year old son has lymphoma. They both being very brave but need prayers

  16. What a moving post - so sorry to hear about your friend. These shots are pure beauty!

  17. A very warm tribute to your friend, Barb. Your pictures and words are soulful as is the lesson, live each day, learn one good thing, imbibe and pass it on. I guess we were all put here to do exactly that. I send my thoughts to your friend and her family and I am glad to hear everything is fine at your end.

  18. Good morning Barb.
    Your photos cover the range of emotions you are feeling for your friend now. I wish you both strength.
    'Don't wait, move through fears, celebrate victories'.......thanks.

  19. Good that you have her exultancy to remember, and that you have been reminded of these pieces of wisdom; also I am glad that your own family emergency is resolved. None of which, I imagine, assuages your grief for your friend; may grief be gentle with you and death gentle with her.

  20. So sorry your friend is at the end of life. Such beauty in your photos reflects the love you surely feel for her. Have a wonderful weekend.

  21. Oh I am so sorry about your friend...your photos are exquisite and express everything about love and life and loss...such a beautiful tribute and while sad, and thought provoking, also inspirational, all at the same time.

  22. I'm so very sorry about your friend... but your message is uplifting and life-affirming.

  23. I am very sorry about your friend. We must live life fully today and tomorrow ....until life ends.

  24. I'm so sorry to hear that your friend is ailing. Your thoughts are so right though. And your pictures just lovely.

  25. The endless lesson of life - reminders to live it. Thanks for the reminder. Small stones add up to a wall of beauty. You have been building one for many of us.


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