Friday, February 28, 2014

Breckenridge, Colorado - Random Facts

A bit of Breckenridge randomness:

Breckenridge gets an average of 300 days of sunshine a year.

Main Street, Breckenridge, Feb 28, 2014

Lately, snow is more the average.
We left town this morning in a snow squall to meet our sons for breakfast.

Breckenridge has a population of about 3500 permanent residents.

thankfully, this is not a permanent resident

During peak seasons, the town's population swells to 40,000.

sometimes, it's hard to find a seat 

Skiing and other snow activities draw visitors in winter.
Biking and hiking are popular summer sports.

Pop Pop with Sam

bike chains?

Obviously, some people bike year-round!

Wildflowers carpet mountain meadows through July and August.

Black Powder Pass in August

High altitude affects some people adversely.
Breckenridge is at 9600' above sea level.
Mountains rise over 14000'.

original photo of me (taking a photo) by my friend, Helen
edited in Waterlogue

Keep hydrated, avoid caffeine and alcohol, and acclimate slowly.
Bring your camera to record the awe-inspiring scenery.

Joining with my friend, Nancy, for
Random Five

Breckenridge is definitely One Good Thing to me!
(photos edited in the Waterlogue app)


  1. i loved all of your photos and edits - would make an awesome set of note cards. :) i do believe you love your area. :)

  2. You should work for the Chamber of Commerce. You've done a great job of promoting your area and your photos are superb.

  3. This brings me back to our stay in Breckenridge 2 summers ago!
    I sure do love that watercolor effect applied to your photos. Beautiful!

  4. Bike chains?? Now that is dedication. That is quite a jump in population. When that happened to our small town on the big lake in Florida, we were always glad to get our town back in the summer.

    1. Believe me, Patti - the locals are always glad for the "off" seasons!

  5. the waterlogue app is really something ... all your images are great ... 300 days of sunshine and snow! ;)

  6. great shots. i miss when my Dad would pull me like that on the sled. too fun!! great times. ( :

  7. Someone is having fun with an ap! These look great. I'd love to see the originals alongside them.

  8. Good morning!!! Your images and edits are great. I am seeing your post, having a cup of coffee.You made my day!

  9. Very cool edits of your photos! I thought they were all paintings at first. Thanks for the blog visit.

  10. I just love that app! I may have to send you some of my photos so you can edit them for me. Lol.!

  11. Truly love your photos! Very inspiring.

  12. You live in a beautiful part of the world.

  13. I just love what you are doing with the iPhone app.

  14. Beautiful Barb! Oh the nature is just fantastic there, and the watercolor-style brings such a lightness and aeriness to your beautiful images! Stay warm, dear friend!

  15. such fun photo paintings
    we have so many similarities where you and i live
    but we have SO much less sunshine
    we are known for our cloudy days, our inversion weather

  16. Barb,
    I love Breckinridge and hubby and I were there over the weekend with some 'old college friends' from back East.
    Had a wonderful time, I needed the 'getaway'

    Wonderful post, love the photos.

  17. I think the 300 days of sun per year is the best thing in the world! The stats are the same for here, although I often wonder what qualifies as a "sunny" day. Does 1 minute of sun do it?

  18. Beautiful photos Barb! And they made me look forward to spring and summer!!
    I remember my first visit to Banff, Alberta as we ascended the very dizzy and weak. Next time I took my time getting up there.
    Caffeine and I just don't 'get along'!

    Guess you don't have to take a vitamin D supplement thanks to the all that sunshine.

    Breckenridge sounds like a 'university town'.....population increases during the school year/season.

  19. You live in a much sunnier place than I do north of Toronto!. And the scenery is so beautiful too. A paradise!

  20. Colorado is one good thing! The most beautiful wildflowers I've ever seen up in those mountains in July and August! And the sunshine. And sky. And our kids. (But we have mostly avoided the snow.)

  21. This Waterlogue app is wonderful / your entire post is not only informative but is like an art gallery :)


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