Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fundamentally the Same

asked about my hobbies when I was a little girl
I'd reply that I liked to read and to write
nothing has changed much
in all these years

art installation, Denver Botanic Garden

I wonder if we are mostly formed
even as children
following our life paths
to conclusion

though people think they change
possibly they remain the same
as their childhood selves

think about your own life
are you so different as an adult
than the child you once were

a fun app called Waterlogue allows me to change my photos to watercolors
however, they aren't fundamentally changed, are they?


  1. no. i'm very much the child i was then. i loved nature, trees, birds, dogs, even drawing birds. :)

  2. I probably haven't changed too much. I think I value the same types of things, but new experiences have led me to other things as well.

  3. Yes, I think we all carry our childhood with us as we grow into you I loved to read and still do, artsy, loved animals. And as soon as I upgrade my phone which I am due in about 2 weeks, I am downloading that app for sure. Love it!!

  4. I still like what I did as a child, solitude, books, cats, and nature, and yes, taking photos, I started with a Box Brownie 120 when I was about 14, so nothing much has hanged at all, maybe technology is the biggest of all. Love your app. Cheers, Jean.

  5. Hi Barb, thanks for visiting my blog! I'm glad you tried Waterlogue, too. Your image is gorgeous - the colors are so beautiful. I too have loved reading since childhood, and that as well as the other characteristics that I think of as my Self have not fundamentally changed. But I like to think that I have grown, developed, and blossomed - like that processed photo.

  6. What a cool app.
    My loves are very similar though my tastes have matured but that child I was is very close at hand and not all that different. Just a little creakier and less energetic.

  7. Barb, I still relate to the little girl I was, my favorite things to do back then are the same now (and same as you...LOL ) reading and writing and I also loved walking in the woods (still love to do that)
    Love the watercolor look on your photos.

    Have a great weekend


  8. In some ways the same... I still like to read and have always liked and needed time to myself with nothing planned. But as a child I was painfully shy and self-conscious. Somehow over the years I learned to be more friendly and open. (I'm still not a life of the party type, but people don't scare me and I can talk to anybody. And usually do.)

  9. In so many ways, my interests are much the same as when I was a child. What seems different is both greater confidence in doing them and a mature appreciation of so much. What was once wonder because it was new, has become wonder because so many things are so "wonderful"....gratitude and appreciation. My mother, gone nearly two decades, still speaks to me through reading!

  10. What lovely images! These are my favorite colors. I think I probably have not changed so much. Once I find something interesting, I become enthusiastic. This character has not changed since I was a little girl. It is not easy at times for me, but I am optimistic, friendly and straightforward. I have loved to be surrounded by beautiful things!

  11. Interesting to think about :) That app looks like fun / beautiful images !

  12. You are so right, Barb. As a young girl, I loved to ride my bike, and ride my bike, and ride my bike. I also loved to play with my dogs and do science stuff. Nope, I haven't changed - except for photography...

    Lovely images and thoughts.

  13. I think we do evolve - I know I do things now (photography, writing) that I never dreamed I would do and love. Other things are still a big part of me - music, reading... Always good to branch out on new adventures.

  14. I love that app -- makes me wish I had an iPhone. :)

  15. I think I am fundamentally the same now as I was when I was a child. I've actually thought about that quite a bit lately, perhaps because I recently had a birthday.

  16. Love this installation - so cheerful!

  17. Beautiful colors there, Barb and what an interesting find - the app! I think yes, fundamentally there is a lot of similarity... still love to draw, music, laugh ... of course, there are always newer things along the way, but basically it's there, I wish my inner child never dies away, ever.

  18. I'm probably the same, though I didn't experience all of the joys that I do now. Well, different joys back then. I don't think my parents knew how to realize my passions, therefore, they didn't encourage them. Gradually, I figured things out on my own.
    I like your way of illustrating this post.


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