Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fires in Colorado

We are in a dangerous situation in Colorado. At least 9 wildfires rage throughout the state. Many of our beautiful wilderness areas are burning. Fires have destroyed homes and businesses and have caused the evacuation of thousands of residents from one of the major cities, Colorado Springs. 

Insufficient moisture started this past winter with low snowpack. Spring was very dry with little rain. Forests already have a great deal of dead-wood from beetle-killed lodgepole pines. The understory is like tinder ready to ignite. Some of our fires started from lightning strikes and others were set by humans either purposely or by carelessness. 

Here in Summit County where I live, we have no fires burning at present. However, we are surrounded by wilderness which seems ready to ignite. We watch the skies for storm clouds which might bring needed rain but also dreaded lightning. We hear the news and see the video coverage of devastation in other areas.  

My husband and I go about our days normally. We are ready if we must evacuate, but meanwhile there is nothing we can do but live our lives. We realize others are not so lucky and are suffering. I cannot imagine the destruction of the wilderness I love, but I see that it is happening all over our state.

As the sun sets on another day, I'm grateful for the beauty all around me. I give thanks for the men and women who are working hard on the front lines of the fires, trying to save habitat and homes. I hope for rain to wet the mountains and the forests and the grasslands. Meanwhile, we watch and wait. 


  1. Our hearts and prayers are with everyone experiencing this excruciating loss.

  2. I will continue to pray for rain for you Barb. One of my other blog friends from N.M. had to evacuate. Fortunately her home was spared.
    I have been praying for rain for us, the crops are not doing well. And now it is supposed to be in the triple digits for the next two weeks they are saying so we are also in a heat advisory.
    Please keep us up to speed. I have been watching the news but don't know the exact spot that you are in. I pray all the fires will end soon.
    Love Di ♥

  3. I also hope you receive good rain soon, and without lightning. Your fires are in our papers over here today too.....

  4. Barb, I am so sorry that your beautiful state is losing some of its beauty and with 32,000+ folks in shelters or out of their homes, it is sad. I am praying things improve and especially for new energy for all the firefighters and for Mother Nature to make an appearance and lessen this burden. Your images are gorgeous. I hope the fires stay distant from you. Carol

  5. oh, this was so beautifully stated. fire is my greatest fear, and as i watch and read about the devastation in colorado (and new mexico, az and montana already this year) it makes my heart hurt.

  6. Hi,Barb.
    I have learned about your country through your blog. Colorado state, where Rocky Mountains pass through in the West with rich natural beauties.I love your country.I am hoping for rain in the fire places and the safety for the people.
    Japan has a humid weather, so mountain fires rarely happen.
    But the country is often hit by earthquakes and tsunami as well.
    People are powerless in the face of natural disasters,but are powerful to bounce back.
    Take care.

  7. Barb, I've just been looking at the active fire map from the Forest Service. It is a scary time. And, this is just the start of summer. I hope we get a major shift in the weather soon.

    I will be thinking of the strong people who live in the western states.

  8. Sending prayers for relief from the drought and fires to you. So sad that you have to live with the possibility of fire and evacuation. The High Park Fire and the smaller fire at Estes Park both either burned or endangered places that were so special to me and my family growing up. The Rockies truly become part of your soul...I understand why you love Summit County. I have always thought it was simply the most appropriate name for a place that I knew! God speed.

  9. Isn't life confusing - how different scenarios are simultaneously going on all over the world? Your homeland and livelihood is burning while others are vacationing on the beach, while others are fighting wars. It seems surreal at times.

    I've been reading my blog friend Abby's blog about the fires and seeing pictures she's posted. She's close to it.

    I'm praying and hoping for you all.

  10. Sending thoughts and prayers to all who are impacted by this.

  11. We wish you all the best, let's hope it starts raining soon that the bigest danger is gone.


  12. Barb I keep you and your people in my best thoughts. And wishing for rain.

  13. Stay safe. I've been hearing about this on our news.


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