Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Finding Our Way

My friend, Mary, gave me a series of quotes on cards for my birthday. 
I flip to a new one each day. 
Here is today's:

do not follow where the path may lead
go instead where there is no path
and leave a trail

The quote reminded me of our recent hike in Bryce Canyon, UT.

We came upon a rock slide just at the point where we had to ascend to get out of the canyon.
What to do?

The way was narrow and blocked by huge boulders and scree.
We squeezed through a narrow opening in the rock and started up.

You might say we made our own trail.
It was an adventure within an adventure!

Mary and I on my 68th birthday on May 9.
Her 64th birthday was May 10.
We're wearing our Birthday Girl shirts!
(Photo by Mary's husband, Bob.)


  1. love those shirts! such a pair! and i liked your rock pics!

  2. Great advice! I think that is something you have been doing all along.

  3. You ladies are certainly an inspiration beyond words. Keep taking the trail not traveled. Carol

  4. Brave you! That trail looked treacherous.

  5. how fun that you have a good friend to share your passion of hiking with. loved seeing your photos.

  6. Happy Birthday! How wonderful that you can blaze your own trails!

  7. Love those shirts! And so fitting for the two of you.

  8. Beautiful photos of Bryce Canyon! I'm almost ready to leave to travel for the summer! :-)


  9. I love how you celebrated your birthdays! And I very much love the quote!

  10. A belated Happy Birthday. So glad you gave us the present of this fine observations. Those of us of a certain age will remember "happy trails" as a theme song...making those trails is even better!

  11. Aw you both look beautiful Barb! And I still say you are a brave, brave woman!!
    Love Di ♥

  12. Whoa.. that would make me feel claustrophobic. Good for you for traversing your way through. Belated Happy Birthday to both of you wild ones. :)

  13. Oh my - what stunning landscape! And I love those shirts. You guys are so active - so inspiring.

  14. I am so glad you forged on ahead. What an incredible trip... and those shirts are darn cute too. Happy Birthday! The best people are born in May, I am on the 14th.

  15. what a lovely+inspiring gift! I amin love with your cool and witty t-shirts...keep up the spirit girls:-))

  16. You obviously both had wonderful birthdays! And you show the path to aging well. 68 is obviously "the new 48!"

  17. I like the narrow opening through the rock formations, showing the well-worn trail, and then the slide, where you blazed your own. the rock formations are unbelievable - like something from a sci-fi movie. a belated happy birthday to you Barb, you wild by nature woman you! wishing you a happy and healthful year. happy weekend to you.

  18. Enjoying our trip again through your marvelous photos.
    Wild by Nature,

    "All my life through, the new sights of nature made me rejoice like a child." - Marie Curie

  19. Love your captures of Bryce Canyon and the application of the quote. Almost looks like a lunar landscape.

  20. Awesome!!!
    And I LOVE those T-shirts!!

  21. Happy Birthday!
    I love your adventure in Bryce Canyon! Making trails...
    It has been too long since I was there.....
    The rocks are amazing and so are you!
    Happy hiking.

  22. WOW, I'm really envious - not only of the great T-shirts (I suspect there's a good market for them) but that amazing cycling adventure. I love the colour of the rocks and the shapes are extraordinary.
    Oh, and belated happy birthday too :-)

  23. Rather scary situation -- glad you were able to squeeze out of it! Love your birthday photo!


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