Saturday, June 16, 2012

Advise to Myself


Old Man of the Mountain Alpine Sunflower facing east toward the sun

If conditions become harsh, turn toward a sustaining warmth.

When the path is steep and rough, increase resolve.

tiny Pygmy Bitterroot - high alpine tundra  

Fragility doesn't equal defeat.

Balsamroot growing in talus

In inhospitable conditions, hang on and thrive.

Red Fox

Show confidence - walk on the wild side.

Taking in views of South Park from Black Powder Pass (approx. 12,000' altitude)

Life has both peaks and valleys. Understand and appreciate both.

Fox photo taken in my back yard, Breckenridge, CO.
All other photos taken June 11, 2012, on high alpine tundra of Black Powder Pass, Summit County, CO. 


  1. such beauty. and i'd like to take your words to heart.

  2. Gorgeous photos. I too need to embrace those words and let them linger, hold on tight until I am ready to let go and live in the moment!

  3. Wow. That last image of you sitting looking out at the valley with the snow still on the side of the mountain is something else. I like the advice too. Carol

  4. Hello, red fox! You are so cute.
    I always like to see tiny flowers growing in the high alpine tundra.
    I too love your words' Life has both peaks and valleys. Understand and appreciate both'.

  5. Your words have reminded me that our fragility is the door to finding our strength. I must be in need of these words. There has been a continual chiming of the universe, repeating this all day to me. Thanks for adding to the chorus.

  6. Great advice and wow, those photos are fabulous.

  7. Amazing pictures Barb, certainly the one on the viewpoint.


  8. You are awesome Barb! As are your photos!
    Love Di ♥

  9. Wonderful advice Barb, especially to understand and appreciate life's peaks and valleys. I love your hiking feet in the photo and the metaphorical perspective they give the experience.

  10. That is great advice! Love that little bitterroot.

  11. all excellent, heartwarming advice. love the photos too, especially the sweeping view of South Park. happy day to you Barb.

  12. lovely pieces of can never hear things like this enough:-))

  13. Such a beautiful blue sky. And the fox is just darling.


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