Monday, April 25, 2011

A White Stillness

Sun shines on new snow in Breckenridge.

I've been asked when the snow will stop.
It can snow every month of the year at high altitude.
However, usually by June snow changes to rain.
We'll soon travel to the west coast.
We'll take a vacation from white.

Until then, I take my cue from Waldo.
He's still smiling.


  1. I wondered if you ever felt the need to escape to a warmer climate. :)

  2. The shining trees are beautiful!!
    I remember your long trip in the last May. Have fun and take care,Barb.

  3. I love Waldo, I want one!
    Love Di ♥

  4. the golden top reminds me of a bright shining star! How lovely!

    When I saw a "waldo" like face in AZ, it reminded me of him!

  5. Waldo's twin lives at my bro-in-laws house. I will have to ask what they call him.

    If you miss snow while you are gone, you always can drive up Mt Hood, or tour around Mt Shasta.

  6. Looks like it is still winter there.

  7. Waldo is a good reminder - too often we don't appreciate the beauty around us - instead complaining about what we miss.

  8. It's spectacular!

  9. Oh Waldo.....! The snow looks heavy...and wet... but the sun is shinning...which is a good thing.

  10. For you to see and feel the gratitude and love is enough reason to celebrate each new day. Happy Mother's Day, Barb! (Just think what you'll see and feel today!)

  11. Never having lived anywhere as cold as where you do, I find it unimaginable. Here, when the temperature falls below 15 degrees Celsius, we complain about the cold. Any lower, and we're shivering wrecks huddled around our fires and not wanting to venture outdoors until it warms up.

    Waldo is by far the most attractive tree face I've yet seen!!! The snow looks SO VERY BEAUTIFUL from here! :)


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