Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fickle Spring at High Altitude

Barb at Beaver Creek, CO

I shivered in a windchill of minus 10 skiing at Breckenridge on Monday - we got 14" of new snow overnight. On Tuesday, I roasted in the sunshine at Beaver Creek Ski Area (about an hour from my home and lower in altitude) where it was 52 degrees. I was way too warm in my winter ski jacket. The snow at the bottom of the mountain was sticky, grabbing our skis and threatening to throw us into the slush. People were walking up the ski trails in sleeveless workout tops and biking up the plowed road past the lift. Today, we snowshoed behind our house on the many feet of snow that remain. The snow has a crust on top that looks like wrinkled elephant skin. Snow melts on sunny days but refreezes at night. Breckenridge's forecast is for more snow this week. Winter isn't ready to release its grip on the landscape.
Spring just means more snow at high altitude. 
We continue to play in it.


  1. I like this shot.
    Wow, what extremes, but I guess that the attitude difference. You have fun in the snow as long as you can.

  2. What else can you do? :) Might as well enjoy it. Cute picture of you, Barb.

  3. I LOVE how beautifully groomed the snow is! YOU LOOK AMAZING! SERIOUSLY...that was one HUGE tooth pulling wrench! LOL I laughed so hard and you got off grand daughter in NC lost her first tooth (age 7 tomorrow) last week and 2 days later lost the other front tooth. It cost my daughter $5 a tooth! LOL again.....I laughed sooo hard. I love it when "what goes around comes around" DOUBLE!

  4. all that skiing keeps you in wonderful shape, I bet - that and the snowshoes, and the hikes, and the fresh air! :)

  5. What can enjoy the long winter and skiing!

  6. I told my husband the other day Barb, how much snow you had this year in Breckenridge. I also commented that you really gotta love snow to live there!! Happy Spring, LOL!
    Love Di ♥

  7. Quite a wonderful place to play. And pristine compared to city snow. As mine melts (almost there) the top is laced with black.

  8. That is a marvellous photo of you!

  9. All play and all play, that's what retirement is all about.

    Nice treatment on your photo Barb!

  10. I tried to think what that wrinkled snow reminded me of when the picture came up -- and your description is perfect.

    Beautiful description of a great day -- and I have to laugh at the people in workout shirts at 52 degrees. People here would be complaining bitterly about the cold at that temperature. (As they did in December when we had days like that.) It's all relative. (I have a weather gadget on my home page with the current info for where each of our kids live and Boulder makes me schitzophrenic just looking at it every day.)

    Beautiful pictures and you look as if you are having a wonderful time and I can see why!

  11. That's spring in the mountains, with temps waffling up and down!
    Our mountains are getting more snow, too, but only a little rain and wind here at home.

  12. I've learned from "ladyfi" that there is a short season called "springter" when winter and spring compete and eventually spring wins. I wonder when springter ends in your place.

    You look so nice in the picture, Barb.


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