Friday, April 22, 2011


My son visited this morning to tell us a dream he had last night. It was powerful and moving. He and I both shed some tears. I was reminded of a dream I had long ago in the night preceding Good Friday. I didn't remember it upon awakening, but it entered my consciousness on the following Easter morning, replaying vividly in my mind. My mother was in the dream - the only time she has ever appeared to me since her death. I hold the message of the dream in my heart and all these years later still feel emotional when I remember. I'm sure Jim's dream will also stay in his heart and mind forever, offering him comfort and hope.

Wishing you dreams that bring joy and peace.


  1. I hope that you have a wonderful Easter, remembering your dream of your mother.

    It's funny - I've had only one dream of my mother since she died 23 years ago, and it was of her telling me who to vote for in the last Democratic Primary!!! I told my Dad about it, and he waited a few weeks before calling me to tell me that he was pretty sure that my mother would never have made the voting recommendation from my dream in real life. It was a hoot for both of us... having my mother's opinion as part of our conversation about who to vote for!

    The most amazing part to me was that I doubted that she would have ever visualized that we'd be choosing between a black candidate and a female candidate.

    That's probably much more than you wanted to know but... Happy Easter!

  2. i love moving and meaningful dreams. i think our subconscious tries so hard to break thru to our conscious and only when we 'let down our guard' in sleep are we most accessible.

  3. I always seem to have the oddest dreams. I always end up goggling their meanings! Most of the time they are good, but not always!
    Love Di ♥

  4. I believe dreams are our hearts speaking to us while we sleep.

    I'm glad you and your son shared a moment that obviously was very important to him.

  5. Beautiful flowers - may your dreams blossom and bring you pleasure as your photos and thought do for me.

  6. Many people say these are real visits. I chose to think so. A few months after my dad died, I had very colorful dream about him living in a cabin on the desert. He always wanted to move there, and maybe he did.

    Yes, I agree that the dreams will stay with you, mine have.
    Pretty flowers!
    I wish you and your family a wonderful Easter. Do you hide real eggs or candy filled ones?

  7. I hope your dreams bring you peace and good memories. Lovely shot!

  8. Dreams can be such gifts for us--especially dreams like you had. Dreaming can get us in touch with parts of ourselves (and the larger existence) that our rational minds can hardly fathom. Thank you for this lovely blog, Barb.

  9. Happy Easter Barb,
    I too honor my night time stories. They are as real and as important in my life as waking stories.
    I learn from my dreams and enjoy hearing the dreams of others.
    Happy dreaming...I have a dream journal....
    April snows bring June flowers?

  10. What a wonderful Easter gift for both you and your son!


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