Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Is There a Silver Lining - Small Stone - 6

clouds with silver linings

 I've had a series of upsets over the past couple days. It started on July 4th when a tourist across the street allowed a dog to run loose through the neighborhood. The dog loved whizzing through our gardens and playing in our water feature. I finally went onto the front deck and spoke to the man watching the dog on its path of destruction. I asked him politely to please put the dog on a leash. I told him the dog was destroying the flower beds, and I didn't want it on my property. I mentioned that Breckenridge has a leash law. The man obviously had no control over the dog because calling him only led to frustration. Finally, he swore (either at me or the dog) and walked toward his rental. The dog finally followed. 

About 15 minutes later a woman came outside, again with the dog running wild. I went onto the deck and asked politely if she would leash the dog because it was destroying my flower beds. NO she would NOT! She felt the dog had a right to run. I mentioned that Breckenridge has a leash law. She cared not at all. After she called me a "dickwad" and some other choice words, I came inside and called the rental complaint hotline. I had to call them 3 times that day, July 4th, because the dog continued to run. On the morning of July 5th, the dog tried to attack my neighbor who was out early walking her dog (on leash). The neighbor yelled for the woman to control her dog, but the woman obviously had no control. Luckily, my neighbor carries pepper spray and used it to drive the dog off. 

My neighbor called the hot line when she got home, and she also contacted me. I called the hotline for the 4th time and was assured that (finally) an officer would be dispatched. By the time the police woman arrived, the people with the dog had left the rental to go home. The officer talked to the people still in the house explaining the leash law. She got the number of the dog owners and was going to also call them. Basically, my neighbor plus Bob and I were just happy to be rid of the threat and the fiasco of these entitled dog owners.

So! Later today I'll do my Loving Kindness Prayer. As usual, I'll think of ways I hope to improve myself and ask for guidance. I'll insert the names of family and friends to whom I want to send lovingkindness. And lastly, I'll include the dog and its owners, asking for lovingkindness to guide them on future encounters (hopefully not with me...). 

I try to look for good - for the silver lining.
On some occasions, it's harder than others to find it.

I looked "dickwad" up in the dictionary.
It's a noun meaning a contemptible person; a fool.
I had a feeling it wasn't complimentary!

Sorry this is such a long small stone!

small stone
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