Tuesday, March 9, 2021

We Hope for Snow

Our melt/freeze cycle will soon end.
Colder temperatures may bring some much-needed snow.
Waldo is happy no matter the weather.

He's lived on our tree for about 16 years.
I greet him every morning with a smile.
He always smiles back at me.

Do you see the cockatoo head on the stump?
It seems too cold for such a tropical bird!
It will disappear to warmer climes if temperatures plunge.

The dirt road is a morass of mud.
I'm hoping the approaching snow storm will make it walkable again.

We downhill skied on the mountain yesterday.
It was our first time using our pass this season.
It's a different experience during Covid.
We smile remembering our beginner ski lessons.
We did a lot of falling at first.
Luckily, we persevered. 

I'm happy that we can still link turns.
This season is our 50th year on skis.

I hope more snow is in our future.
We like to play in it.