Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Mind and Body - Not Always in Sync

We're having spring-like weather at high altitude.
Temps are just 10 degrees above freezing, but the sun is warm.
I've been walking all week with no gloves.
My jacket is tied around my waist.

Yesterday, I started walking and immediately felt tired.
Reaching the first big hill, I considered turning around. 
I hadn't even gone a mile.
I started making excuses:

exhaustion, slippery surfaces, aches
old, old, old

little tree among big trees

I know from experience that the mind doesn't always cooperate.
The body feels even worse with the mind's complaints.
I decided not to listen to it.
I forged onward.

small tree casting shadow

Today, I had a change of attitude.
I smiled at the blue, blue sky.
The sun warmed my face.
The air felt refreshing.

My mind remained peaceful.
My body responded in kind.

Exercise is important to me.
My body is old but accustomed to movement.
The mind is old, too, and doesn't always act in my best interests.

I'm very lucky.
I have no debilitating illness - no chronic pain.
My aches often disappear with movement.
In a couple months I'll be 77.

I'm grateful for my body's ability to move.
I'm thankful for the natural beauty that beckons to me.
I need to keep moving even when my mind would rather take a break.

I hope you'll keep moving, too, in any way that you're able.
Sometimes mindfulness requires ignoring the mind!