Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Small Stone - Alone in the Forest.

Just after dawn, snow is tinged blue with cold shadows.
I ready myself for a solo ski.

As the forest closes around me, I seek the sun's warmth.

Cold makes my skis squeak.
Fresh snow packs with a muted crunch.
Except for the tips of my fingers, I'm warm in my layers.
(I need to stop removing my glove to take photos!)
New snow is a blank page where I write my story.

Alone in the forest, I'm very alert.
I watch for moose and also for their tracks.
Today only small animal tracks crisscross the forest.
The bunnies have been busy during the night.

In the old growth pine forest, spruce and cedar add their stately beauty.
The stillness is a gift I receive with gladness.

After several miles, I loop homeward.
The sun warms me though the day is still cold.
Fox tracks lead the way.
I haven't met a soul.
Alone in the forest, I'm smiling.