Thursday, May 9, 2019

Celebrating 75 years

I'm celebrating my 75th birthday today (May 9).
We've been at the condo we rent in Solana Beach, CA, since May 1.

It's been rainy at the beach, but there is no SNOW!
(Meanwhile, it continues to snow in Breckenridge.)

We walk most days unless it's pouring.
My new watch likes me to walk at least 5 miles.
I also "do" the steps leading to the beach.
There are 166 steps - I go up and down and call it good.
Some people go up and down many times.
(They aren't 75 years old...)

Pelicans form delicate scripts across the sky.
Shore birds walk on stilt legs into the surf.

Ice plants spill in pink profusion over the cliffs.

The sun plays hide and seek in the clouds.

Our condo sits on a bluff overlooking the ocean.
The sight and sound of surf is the ever-present backdrop to our days.

At night, the whisper of water lulls us to sleep.

Bob had an appointment with his oncologist in San Diego earlier this week.
He's feeling well, and his DR is pleased.
Blood tests every 3 months monitor his PSA.
We are always relieved by low numbers.

I give thanks as I celebrate 75 years of life.

I appreciate your visit.

All photos iPhone X edited in Snapseed.
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