Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Just Because...

I was reminded of my mother recently.
She loved giving "just because" gifts.

The gifts she most enjoyed giving were those inspired by love and meaning. 
If she saw a trinket or an item that reminded her of someone, she often couldn't resist the purchase.
The special gift was was bought, wrapped, and delivered.
It was a "just because" gift.
(Just because the person was loved, remembered, or maybe needed a boost.)
These items didn't cost much - my mom was not wealthy.
However, as a sometimes recipient of the gifts,
I can tell you they were cherished and so appreciated.
I still have some of my mother's "just because" gifts -
she died when I was in my mid-30's. 
The gifts remain to remind me of her love and kindness and generosity of spirit.

Last week, I received a package - a "just because" gift.
One of my blog friends sent me a letter board.
She thought I'd enjoy playing with it.
I was surprised and touched.
How can someone I've never met face to face know me so well?

It's a wonder and a blessing to be touched by someone's kindness.
Thank you, Jenny, for my special surprise.
And thank you, too, for reawakening memories of my mother's "just because" gifts.

Next week, I'll trade this scene for sun and sand and surf!
I'll be leaving winter in search of spring.

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